The Three Dimensions of Globalization

Published: 2021-09-14 23:55:10
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Globalization is not an inevitable happening of the 21st century, but rather the inverse is true. The normalcy of interconnectedness, the sharing of knowledge and the sheer vastness that we are exposed too in a life time is undeniably not in part due to, but rather a consequence of globalization.
With so much at our fingertips it was bound to rear its head onto our screen sooner rather than later. Yet a word which seems so simple and a concept which has rooted itself into or modern existence, remains in a state of undefined limbo. Far from being on the tip of your tongue, but at the same time being close enough for people to still yearn for one concrete accepted definition.But as posed by Held and McGrew perhaps it is simply in all ways better to break down the word into dimensions, three to be exact, the first of which being material. Meaning trade, resources and goods, but more so in how these goods are now sold and looked at. Having material wealth is a concept which seems as old as humanity. But now the actual physical is as only as important as its means of acquisition. We can no longer simply measure stature and success on that which a country or a nation has, more and more worth is being put into its prospects and developments and its relationships. To the point when an agreement to acquire can be nearly as valuable as the acquisition.
The second dimension is spatio – temporal and refers to the shrinking world. It may seem rather counter-intuitive that as we connect with far away countries and broaden our cultural horizons that we are actually living in a smaller space. In this largely undefinable modern society we have created few things are clear. But one thing is, as we broaden our horizons and create new links and paths and opportunities we shrink our world. We have collectively become closer, not physically of course, but in a reality where distance is measured in time, we are certainly closer than ever.
Lastly Held and McGrew spoke of the cognitive dimension of globalization. Simply put globalization has changed or rather shaped the way we think. This is an undeniable outcome of how it has changed not only our perception of the world but also our cultural, religious and indigenous beliefs and lifestyles..

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