The X-men Wolverine Total Diet & Workout

Published: 2021-09-10 19:50:07
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The X-Men Wolverine Total Diet & Workout
Do You Want to get “Super-Hero” Ripped?Hugh Jackman is one of the more exemplary actors today since gaining his role as Logan the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman was voted the world’s sexiest man in mid 2008 by People magazine. What’s even more impressive is toned physique and great lean muscle. There is a reason he looks the way he does when he’s fight the forces of evil on the big screen. This strict diet and total body workout definitely has to be one of the more intense and disciplined ones on the market today. Especially since he says he implemented this regimen just six months leading to his role in Wolverine with his award winning personal trainer David Kingsbury.
The X-Men franchise is powerfully strong with the release of X-Men Origins Wolverine. Hugh has come back ripped and muscular for his role of Logan (The Wolverine). As he once again plays the role of a Marvel Comics Superhero in this movie. Jackman added an additional 30 pounds of lean muscle mass while maintaining his ripped six pack abs. Just being a good actor is not enough in Hollywood these days. You must also look the part and that means spending hours in the gym building muscle mass. In this the latest film: X-Men Origins Wolverine, ( the first chapter in the X-men saga ), Wolverine unites with several other legends of the X-Men universe. The stunts featured in the filming are amazing and you can easily see why he needed to be in incredible physical condition to endure the dynamics of this filming
Hugh Jackman’s High Calorie Diet
In order to pack on 30 pounds of pure muscle mass, his personal trainer David Kingsbury put him on a strict high-calorie diet that consisted mainly of clean proteins and carbohydrates while cutting him back on most fats. Primarily, his main meals consisted of a combination of lean proteins & complex carbohydrates; such as mixed vegetables and whole grains. This diet had him consuming 5,000 calories everyday; when combined with his intensive daily workouts, was quickly turned into lean muscle mass and had him bulking up in a short period of time. To ensure he was gaining increased muscle tone and not fat, Jackman followed David Zinczenko’s 16:8 structured diet plan. This program combines intermittent fasting with high-calorie consumption, and provided that you eat the correct foods, your body will be able to build more muscle by utilizing the select proteins you consume. Jackman fasted for sixteen hours of the day, leaving him with just 8 hours to consume over 5,000 calories.
Although this seems like a difficult task, he was confident and ready to succeed with this challenge. He would eat most of his meals between 10-6 and fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day from 6 pm until 10 the following morning. The great advantage of following the Wolverine’s diet is this: While consuming a high protein meal plan, and such large portions of food, you are not restricted to eating the same baked salmon or skinless chicken breast routinel everyday. Instead, you are able to both mix and match your proteins, carbohydrates and even your favorite protein shakes. Jackman does follow a strict high/low carb-cycling and calorie-cycling schedule. On select days he eats more protein and fewer carbs, based on what his workout is going to be at the gym, while alternating in between days. As mentioned above, his diet also involved intermittent fasting, which has become a pretty popular topic among other actors and athletes alike. Chris Hemsworth and Silicon Valley executives are among the many, who swear by following this routine.
The intermittent fasting part follows a 16/8 schedule. This means you’ll eat for eight hours a day and fast for the remaining 16, with the eating window opening up after the initial morning workout. According to Jackman’s trainer, the Wolverine’s daily menu might look something like this:
-Breakfast: Oatmeal and eggs, perhaps served with fruit or nuts on top
-Lunch: Fish, avocado and broccoli
-Mid-afternoon: Chick and brown rice with greens
-Dinner: Steak, broccoli and a sweet potato
-In between: Jackman sometimes has a protein shake before bed and between breakfast and lunch.
The Wolverine Work-Out
The Wolverine diet & work-out is designed on a four week course schedule. The ultimate goal of the Wolverine workout is to increase strength and increase muscle size while maintaining minimum body fat. Jackman and his personal trainer followed a strategic course that which featured continual progressive over load to ensure continual strength gains. The Wolverine work-out may appear very complicated at first, but once you get accustomed “it becomes much easier to follow, says trainer Kingsbury”. During these four weeks the repetitions for the main lifts are change course weekly. For the first three weeks the weight should gradually increase each week. Then, during the fourth week, the weight is reduced to be able to perform 12 repetitions.
4 Core Exercises (Bench Press, Squat, Weighted Pull-ups & Dead Lifts)
Jackman usually starts most days off in weight training with one of the four core exercises. He practices these a little differently than the rest of the weight training routine. On the core four he is going for targeted strength training for the first three weeks; meaning that he will be doing low repetitions of heavy weight lifting. Usually between 3 and 5 repetitions while increasing the weight continually every week of the course. Then when it comes time that the 4th week hits, he will drastically drop weight and increase the repetitions for increased muscle size just as he does with the rest of the training remine. He bases the weight on his max number, which is calculated on what he can lift 1 time for that specific exercise. The diagram and example below provides you with a more in depth run down of his 4 week routine that he followed.

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