Threatening Emissions of Carbon Dioxide

Published: 2021-09-14 18:45:08
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Carbon dioxide at normal temperatures is in a gaseous state, and its chemical equation is stated as CO2. Many people associate this chemical with the internal combustion engine, which powers the modern automobile. In fact, the largest producer of carbon dioxide, in the United States, within the fossil fuel combustion group is the generation of electricity. Vehicles are second for carbon dioxide production in the US; right behind coal. This includes the burning of gasoline, diesel fuel, and many other petroleum based fuels. Although the burning of fossil fuels happens to be the largest source of CO2 there are also natural causes of the gas within the atmosphere. The breathing of animals, volcanic eruptions, and release of CO2 from the ocean, which happens to be a large carbon “sink”, are all natural causes of carbon dioxide. One of the great parts about our Earth is the natural way it can clean itself.
Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas within our atmosphere. Due to this naturally occurring substance there is a natural way for decreasing the levels of CO2. During this process carbon dioxide is drawn in through the leaves and stored within the main mass of the plant/tree. The carbon is then drawn into the soil through the roots of the agricultural crop or tree. This is nature’s way of drawing the carbon dioxide out of the air and into the ground where it can be stored. Even though the carbon dioxide is being released into the air again this is how nature self regulates the CO2 on its own. The CO2 emissions today are higher than natural amounts due to the burning of fossil fuels as previously mentioned. Technology will help us to develop machines and devices to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. However, currently we do not have the technology to completely eliminate the gas from our emission list. In order to reduce CO2 emission levels action must be taken to enhance a device in the exhaust of modern machinery. New technologies could also be introduced to various other parts of the combustion process in order to make it more efficient. The more efficient a combustion process is, less fuel will be needed and therefore less CO2 will be produced from that running engine. A great way of reducing the carbon dioxide levels would be to switch over to a different type of fuel energy in order to receive the same amount of work time, or more, with less maintenance. One method of reducing CO2 levels is to use Carbon sequestration. During this time there weren’t any regulations on carbon dioxide levels emitted from production plants. Therefore plants back then were producing large amounts of CO2 and nobody thought anything of it until testing was done at a later date. This proves that the industrial revolution along with current fossil fuel burning has produced mass quantities of CO2 and placed the gas into the atmosphere.
The increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is said to have been a contributing factor to the “global warming” effect. CO2 is named a greenhouse gas along with other gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. These retain heat and emit it at the same time.Elon Musk, co-founder and owner of Tesla, has created a legacy for himself and his company. Not only are his cars sleek looking and incredibly fast, they are also one-hundred percent electric. This means that the vehicle uses no fossil fuels or other dirty fuel sources to power itself. In fact, the cars main battery can be swapped out for other batteries, which can be larger or smaller than the one provided. The battery can also be recharged with solar energy (by the sun). Vehicle production generates one metric ton of C02 emissions, equivalent to production of a full-sized internal combustion car except for the battery.

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