Tokens: What is All the Fuss About?

Published: 2021-09-13 17:55:09
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I’m going to teach you something interesting today, Bitcoin was designed to work in similar fashion as regular money and act as a medium of payment but because of its popularity bitcoin has transformed into a digital asset class whereas Ethereum was developed to work on a person to person contracts and applications platform(Ether). However this vision getting diluted over time, Ether never set out to become a form of payment but instead build the Ethereum environment and allow coders to run DApps (Distributed applications) I can bet even with all their popularity you didn’t know this. The management team behind the revolutionary – shipping on blockchain – platform known simply as The Global Shared Container Platform don’t want to go down the same road Bitcoin and Ethereum did instead deciding on a different course of action. Push two platform based digital currencies: – The CPT: Internal token and the external token. Yep you read correctly! GSCP have two tokens. I’ll explain why in a bit. But first let’s find out what makes GSCP so special;
A.) The company’s business model has a strong unique value proposition, it’s real time capabilities are unique and necessary for the shipping industry. B.) The team running the behind the scenes consists of very talented and experienced business people and developers.
C.) The platform uses some proprietary and unique technologies to make sure they’re solid proofed for the future – some of these technologies include but are not limited to Blockchain technology (powering the system backend), Smart contracts (handling the transaction side of things), Sensor technology (keeping up with tracking) and lastly the token technology (taking care of payments and incentives).
What makes GSCP’s tokens so special? The company decided to develop two functions each with different functionalities because they didn’t want the token that gets publicly traded to, prevent the internal token from doing its job. GSCP feared having one token would have distracted the token it’s actual mission every time it’s price was affected, however although they are separate they work together for the benefit of the ecosystem. By sharing the revenue generated during the platform’s transactions with external token buyers in the form of rewards, the internal token does its due diligence to boost the value of the external tokens.
Internal tokens
The internal tokens were developed to work the same way bitcoin was supposed to, act as a form of currency to allow individuals to ‘buy and sell’ different products or services. The CPT’s will also be the primary currency for smart contracts and be easily separated from the platform and left forth to become the primary method of transacting business within the shipping industry. Through a loaning perspective, well off institutions can give away a credit for interest to struggling to make things work. The CPT also works amazingly well with the USD because as it happens most of the transactions within the platform will need to use USD to accept payments, therefore promoting uniformity after all, every dollar spent will be converted into their equal value of CPT External Tokens. The external token was developed to raise funds to improve upon the platform.
One other long-term use case the token was developed for is for the creation of new containers. These containers can help ease congestion within the seas as well as providing enough assets to use for leasing etc. Conclusion. Officially sanctioned money isn’t settled at a cost by any guideline standard except if the contention is that the US dollar is the primary standard. Today, the dollars in your wallet are worth less than they were five years prior. However, the most recent couple of years, cryptographic money has been transforming how we view currency, giving us with a single value of transaction right through the gate, with no need to worrying about exchanges etc. CPT tokens are out to be the only currency suited within the shipping industry with all the bells and whistles of a great contender. Read the company whitepaper here to find out how you can get some tokens for yourself.

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