Top-9 Best Browsers for Android

Published: 2021-09-13 15:45:11
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Internet surfing is one of the most popular features of all modern smartphones and tablets. However, devays are not the same in many ways, which means that a good web browser for one type of device can significantly slow down the search on other gadgets. In addition, the importance of optimizing for a specific platform and certain models. Unsurprisingly, most developers create browsers only for individual operating systems.
Especially acute is the question of choosing the right browser for Android. After all, this category of smartphones and tablets is very diverse and includes both flagship models with productive processors and excellent technical and graphics capabilities, as well as simple budget devices with a small amount of memory and a mediocre battery. Strangely enough, the solution for most devices is universal. There are several most popular browsers, each of which can be considered the best of its kind. They quickly download pages on most Android devices, are equipped with useful add-ons and extensions and perform a number of functions. In particular, some of the best browsers allow you to block ads and pop-ups, warn about the presence of spyware on specific sites.However, these functions require a good amount of memory, a powerful “hardware” and lead to a large consumption of Internet traffic. Therefore, not all known browsers are convenient for owners of budget devices on Android. However, if desired, it is easy to find simple analogs with less functionality, but a quick response and minimal technical requirements. Such browsers, of course, will not be compared with most on the variety of settings and design, but they will allow you to quickly load pages without large-scale resource costs, so they can be called the best for economy-segment devices.
Thus, the review of the best browsers for the Android platform included the most worthy representatives of software for web surfing, which are among the fastest and most functional, and also the most practical and versatile. The rating was based on both user estimates and the results of various performance tests, the amount of memory and traffic consumed.
TOP-9 best browsers for Android
The best economy of traffic and memory
Country: USA
Rating (2018): 4.0
The name Naked Browser, which translates as “bare browser” speaks for itself. The application, occupying only 200 KB of memory, will become a practical solution for the cheapest smartphones and tablets with a lack of free space. From most competitors, the browser is characterized by a complete lack of features and pre-installed add-ons. Downloading and browsing web pages, as well as saving bookmarks – that’s probably all the functionality of the application.
In addition to low weight and lack of user data collection, this simplicity has other advantages. First, quick loading of the page in a simplified form allows you to save considerable Internet traffic. Secondly, the browser is undemanding and to other technical characteristics, for example, to the processor’s power. Therefore, this is an excellent option for weak devices. After all, on budget devices, it will load sites many times faster than the more cumbersome applications.
Optimization for Qualcomm. Energy Saving Mode
Country: USA
Rating (2018): 4.2
As everyone knows, the smartphones and tablets on Android most often work on the Qualcomm chipset. However, despite the widespread prevalence of processors of this type, it is not easy to find a suitable browser for such devices. Therefore Rbrowser, developed specifically for Qualcomm, will be the best choice for most inexpensive Android devices.
The application is fairly light and does not take up too much space, as it does not have an excessive abundance of properties. Functionality is basic, but includes everything you need: a customizable start page, night and full-screen display modes, settings for accessing the location and other user data, and blocking advertising. The browser is even equipped with a power saving mode, which will disable the most energy-consuming properties. In addition, thanks to minimalism and optimization on Qualcomm devices, the browser works faster than many analogues.
Better management of downloads. Password protection
Country: China
Rating (2018): 4.3
Not as widely known as the leaders of the rating, this browser for Android still deserves the title of one of the best. Although Mercury is not among the fastest browsers, its speed is definitely above average. The main advantage of the Chinese application for Internet surfing was a convenient download manager with additional features. It allows you not only to download files in the background, but also to pause or resume the download with one touch. The file manager will manage the downloaded images, videos and created folders, and also open them for viewing directly in the browser.
The presence of private mode for data security, ad blocking and even password protection for the browser guarantees a safe search on the Internet. Also the user can manage standard gestures, synchronize with popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, built-in screen editor and many other functions.
Best memory economy
Country: USA
Rating (2018): 4.4
According to its concept Dolphin is difficult to call unique. Nevertheless, some of its advantages will surprise even the most demanding fans of web surfing. By itself, the browser is very economical, which makes its basic version universal for both simple smartphones with small memory and for flagships. However, only the owners of sufficiently powerful devices with good RAM will be able to appreciate the supported additional extensions. However, even without add-ons, the browser offers many opportunities.
In addition to the incognito mode and personalization of the interface design, the application supports the management of gestures. Gestures for this or that action can be created by yourself, by drawing them in a special editor. Swipe left or right, florid spiral, smiley – the options are not limited to anything other than imagination and sleight of hand. However, it is important to remember that strong personalization of the browser can reduce the speed of its work.
The most functional
Country: China
Rating (2018): 4.5
Recently appeared Chinese UC Browser, because of its bright logo, also known as the “protein” browser, deservedly belongs to the top 5 fastest and functional browsers in the world for Android. Despite the apparent simplicity of design, the application is characterized by the best customization. The user can not only select a theme or pre-installed wallpaper for the browser, but also use their own photos. Also settings allow you to choose the font size, display quality, view mode, formatting method and much more.
Is not devoid of “squirrel” and favorites panel, a full-fledged download manager, own cloud, gesture control, protection from advertising, as well as the possibility of anonymous web surfing. The presence of built-in widgets with the ability to remove them or add new ones also favorably emphasizes the originality of the browser. In addition, thanks to them, the news, the currency converter, the weather and so on are always at hand.
Browser with pre-installed flash player
Country: United States
Rating (2018): 4.6
Few modern browsers for smartphones and other mobile devices support Flash Player, but it’s even harder to find a program where this module is built-in by default. Therefore, Flash Player is often seen as a visiting card for Puffin. Original design and practical solutions, including computer mouse emulation and the appearance of a virtual joystick during the game, make the application not only original, but also convenient.
In addition, this browser for Android is noticeable against the background of analogs thanks to the fastest task execution. According to tests using Sunspider 1.0.2, Mozilla Kraken 1.1, Peacekeeper and other benchmarks, the browser shows much better speed than others. However, a good amount of RAM is required for successful operation. For most budget tablets and smartphones, such a browser can be too heavy.
The most practical
Country: USA
Rating (2018): 4.7
Opens TOP 3 of the best programs for Internet surfing the notorious Firefox, which users appreciate primarily for reliability and simplicity. A pleasant and intuitive browser interface for Android tends to minimalism. In this case, flexible settings and support for multiple extensions make it easy to individualize it. Therefore, the browser is convenient for both novice users and programmers.
Also, the advantages of Firefox include fast enough page loading, support for the RSS format, the ability to synchronize with the computer version. In addition, the version for Android smartphones and tablets is very convenient to manage. Hardcore scrolling, read mode, blocking of suspicious pop-up windows, automatic spell check, password manager and other features allow you to comfortably visit sites of any format and do not waste time entering the same information.
Economical in multitasking mode. Best integration and synchronization
Country: USA
Rating (2018): 4.8
The second line of the rating goes to one of the most popular and fast browsers, which is often installed on Android smartphones and tablets by default. The main difference between Chrome and other browsers, many experts call the maximum integration of Google services into the browser, which saves time. Also, Chrome syncs on different devices, so the tabs and extensions are easy to use on several devices at the same time. Some users consider the collection and storage of data a disadvantage of the browser. However, among other things, Chrome is equipped with an incognito mode that helps avoid fixing sites and actions.
Although the computer version of the browser was repeatedly criticized for excessive consumption of RAM, mobile Chrome is economical even when working with a large number of tabs. Therefore, it is suitable for a device with a somewhat limited cache size.
Best Performance
Country: Norway
Rating (2018): 5.0
The leader among the best browsers for devices on Android is the well-known product of the Norwegian company ported to most popular operating systems. In addition to its versatility, Opera features fastest page loading, ease of use, a wide range of settings, support for extensions, as well as Adobe Flash Player and javascript. Although the mobile version, like the standard version, is equipped with a VPN, a function to protect privacy and access to any Internet resources, the browser allows you to install also Ghostery or another add-on for better security.
At the same time, the browser is practical and easily adapts to the user’s needs. The favorite pages panel allows you to instantly switch to frequently visited sites. The ad blocking feature prevents the emergence of pop-up windows with intrusive ads. Also, Opera has Turbo mode, which helps to save traffic.

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