Tourism an Important Sector for Economy Development

Published: 2021-09-13 06:05:10
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Tourism is a business that deals in travelling. It provides the platform for locals and foreigners to travel to their desired destination. Travel agents and the domestic tour operators are the two basic branches that led the tourism industry.
In last two decades, tourism has emerged in the business sector with great benefits. Their service has marked the immense success in the market. It has great impact on country’s economic growth. Tourism not only generates the income source but it enhances the cultural and historical values of the country. In this article let’s discuss how the various reasons are affecting the country economy.General impacts
As the tourism business grows it signifies the arrival of more travellers from across the world. It facilitates the platform for more jobs creating the vacancies. During the special and long holidays, these business rocks the sky. And eventually needs more people to attend the travellers. In a country like India, the population is vast but the job vacancies are rare. With the adequate growth in tourism industry, the scope for more job opportunity has emerged. It likes to engage sufficient staff to attend their customers. Therefore, providing the jobs to many needed.
The culture of the country promotes the tourism to great extent. There are people who make the documentary films based on cultural and historical knowledge. They travel a lot to various destinations. The educational tour is again responsible for cultural tourism. Nowadays, students are taken from schools visit the destinations for practical knowledge of history and culture of the country. These takes place regularly in all the schools. It affects the economy directly by raising the source income of the tourism. The top travel agents in Nagpur have specially promoted the tourism through educational tours providing the special benefits and discounts for kids.
Money income raised from the tourism is used in developing the infrastructure of the country such as roads, airports, maintenance of the monuments, etc. Better the infrastructure of the country, fast the growth of the country will be. Many cities are seen developing the metros and over bridge for the vehicles. This indicates the increase in the vehicles which in turn again reflects the better degree of income individually.
Part of the income profit is used in developing the educational centres, sanitary, providing water and electricity source everywhere. These all developments add the growth in the economy development of the country. High the degree of the hygiene will be, more the healthy the citizens of the country. This healthy generation will grow as the better future of the country.
The natural attractions and wild life can be taken better care of using these profit incomes. Wild life is diminishing. The reasons are vary. Unemployment results in hunting and selling the meat/flesh illegally. Scanty in the food provisions led the wild life to suffer and death.
This profit allows paying the attention for regional development. The rural areas are provided the more and better sources of living. To stand as the strongest and unbeatable country in the world, each and every region that makes a country should be given strongest base.
Education makes the base strong. The government are working in building the educational centres for free or very low fees to avail the education to every future citizen of the country. If the base is strong, ultimately the pillars will not fall.
It raises the currency value of the country and exchange rates gets better.
The export of the country specialities and items increases which makes space for more requirements of the products and hence, results in employment. The females are also benefits from such works.
As, there are good impact of the tourism on the country, some tough points are vision. Such as
To meet the deadlines of the necessity of the goods export, especially the small scale industries, imports the goods to meet the tourist demands.
More the tourist, number of the accommodation required is an increase which demands for more construction of the buildings resulting in chopping of the greenery to provide the land space.
As the greenery is poor, the rainfall is a major problem. No good rain or untimely rainfall results in poor crop cultivation. To meet the demand we need to import the materials.
The foreign tourists raise the market prices high.
Pollution is affected directly. Numerous transport running continuously, chopping of the trees for providing accommodation, all these pollute the environment.
Tourism in any country has an immense affect on the economy. Where, it results in the growth and development of the economy, it also has some adverse results. In total, it truly earns a great respect and income in country’s account.

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