Understanding Domino’s Pizza Strategic Plan

Published: 2021-08-30 11:15:08
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According to information on the first post, strategy has five steps. These are perspective, plan, position, pattern and ploy. A company defines a plan that determines how it will convert its activities to success. Ploy refers to outsmarting the company’s competitors. The example given by the post in regard to ploy was when the chief executive officer discussed honesty in relation to mistakes. Pattern is sticking with the known facts and building on what works and is recognized. Plan provides fast services in relation to delivery, and this improves the company’s reputation. On the other hand, the post says that a perspective is surrounded by technology such as franchising and future growth. Therefore, according to the post, the firm’s ammunition is their pattern of consistency. Without ammunition, the firm would face challenges that would push it out of business. According to the post, the company has a target mission statement that aims at making it the preferred shopping destination in all channels. The mission statement can become a reality if the company delivers outstanding value, as well as exceptional guest experience.
The second post talks about how Domino’s Pizza applies the five strategic steps. For example, the company plans on increasing the domestic store system by constructing additional stores. In terms of ploy, the company plans in taking advantage of the shift from telephone to digital. This is a good idea because the company would diversify and increase its customer base. For the pattern, the company has succeeded in increasing its profits in all of its stores. The company has managed in achieving this because it has focused on growth, as well as investing and financing franchisees. I think that had the company not invested in franchisees it would not have achieved its current growth. Furthermore, the company started ninety percent of its franchises with workers paid on an hourly basis. Paying workers on an hourly basis is a profitable idea because both the company and the employees have to put their best in whatever task they undertake. Moreover, according to the post, the company is among the fastest growing in the industry. The perspective that the company has developed is one that believes in driving the quality of perception. The chief executive officer has used technology as a method of attracting additional opportunities for franchising.The third post talks about how the five strategies refer to the specific steps that the company must follow in order for them to be successful. For example, the investment that the company has made in technology has improved its financial status. Therefore, companies in its line of business should consider following in its footsteps for them to become successful. In addition, the post suggests that a ploy is a trick that aims at outwitting the competitors. According to the post, the chief executive officer says that the idea of a company utilizing its resources to build equity as an idea and then change it is not a worthy idea. Furthermore, the chief executive officer does not address in a direct manner the details of the company’s competitors. However, he says that he foresees a larger trend where smaller companies lose business to established businesses in the market. I think that his view is well-founded since this is a practice that takes place in all businesses across the world.

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