Understanding the Ethnography Concept Using My Personal Experience as an International Student in the United States

Published: 2021-08-30 05:30:09
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The term ethnography refers to a scientific portrayals of customs amongst individuals and cultures. Self-awareness of these concepts is the beginning of truly understanding the impact they have. These ideas can be related to several different situations in life because culture is prevalent worldwide. Ethnography concepts are quite relatable to my College algebra class at Mercyhurst University.
According to the article Being Buddhist in a Christian World, there are many reasons one constructs a narrative about ethnographical ideas. By doing so, we can get to know ourselves fully and also explain our ideas and cultural beliefs to others.Writing an ethnography includes many dimensions. The examples given displayed stories of how cultural differences can affect ones experiences. Author Sharon Su described her experiences of being a Buddhist. She spoke about healing, motivation, self-transformation within these context, along with several other ideas as well. The approach to writing one of these is a lengthy and ongoing process. These ideas are carried with one throughout life and do not simply end once the assignment is complete. This idea is also consistent in religion, this is especially true for Muslims.
Muslims employ their religious beliefs in everything they do. Islam is the way of life for us in all we think, do, and feel. When you are truly committed to your religion, this should happen. Since I practice my religion very seriously, I take the word of Allah to completely true with no distortions.
Within my college algebra class, I have encountered several differences that have made it difficult to concentrate. I identify myself as Muslim, and the majority of the people within this class are America. As one can assume, this can be very difficult. I feel for several reasons, that my observations are affected by my identity.
I say this because while I am in the class, I cannot catch on to the fast pace of conversations. Algebra is hard to understand when the teacher speaks so quickly. The amount of information that I can comprehend is not nearly enough to pass the course. My identity is not always one that is favored by media. Many terrorist groups put a bad name to Muslims everywhere. No one should be judged on the actions of others in their culture, although it is done quite often.
Ethical issues can be found throughout history. Within my algebra class, however, I feel there are not many that could surface. Although I have encountered differences amongst my fellow classmates, I have never had a dilemma with anyone.
Being an international student, I have many cultural differences in and outside of the classroom alike. I face many ideas of ethnography because culture plays a huge role on my experiences in America. I never could have prepared myself for these issues I have faced, but I am satisfied with all the progress I have made thus far.

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