Vivi: the Simplest and Most Intuitive Wireless Presentation Solution in the World!

Published: 2021-09-13 10:20:08
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Is it possible to transform a school for the better? Can you imagine your school wherein the educators can openly move around their classroom, keeping understudies connected by focusing on their particular needs while as yet staying responsible for the screen? Or the Understudies wind up dynamic members instead of travelers, ready to share their screen (with educator authorization), making the open door for prompt criticism and boosting certainty? Well, that would be possible with the help of ViVi – you can go to the site for more data.
Vivi is one for all and just for one. With Vivi you are prepared to utilize any cell phone, PC or tablet. Vivi takes into account the educator to move unreservedly around the room connecting with understudies and is never again limited to the front of the room.
The capacity to effortlessly take control of the screen enables the understudies to demonstrate their own work and get continuous criticism from companions and educators.
This entry is simple for administrators to midway deal with all record settings, room names, boxes and client settings.
Play excellent recordings straight from the Vivi collector, which means the video is spilling specifically from your hard-wired web, and not backing off your Wi-Fi organize.
Educational modules and E-Learning Managers will have the capacity to see the interest and commitment levels of Vivi clients in their schools.
Therefore, ViVi has a lot of benefits, and that includes creating interactive learning spaces. Aside from that, it also has great functionality and it is very easy to use.
Regardless of whether it’s a telephone, PC or tablet, Vivi offers full screen reflecting with auto identified determination.
With Vivi you can show whatever you need, at whatever point you need on any gadget and mirror it straightforwardly onto other Vivi-associated screens.
Catch your screen capture, clarify it, spare it and offer it, all with a tick of a catch.
You should simply reorder a URL into the Vivi application to right away impart substance to your class.
Vivi can alarm everybody without a moment’s delay with a pre-decided message showed to all Vivi associated gadgets promptly.
To make your class considerably more effective visitor moderators can get to your Vivi screen without wasting time enrolling.
Need additional security for your Vivi classroom? Room codes require each client to go into a rooms 4 digit code before associating, this is likewise simple to turn on and off in the administrator entryway.
At the season of rollout, bundles for customer applications can be downloaded giving the most effective method for appropriating the Vivi customer to your client base.
Vivi is easy to utilize and Active catalog demonstrates this, when utilizing existing certifications to sign in to Vivi, clients will acquire the parts in light of what bunches the director has officially doled out them.
You can screen Vivi utilization, what number of understudies, instructors and classes are dynamic and contrast your classroom with the national midpoints.
In the Admin entryway, you can relegate Student and Teacher parts, which control the usefulness they can get to. In a classroom domain, the instructor can give and disavow screen access to understudies whenever.
The power decision is yours. Vivi’s come standard with POE yet standard DC control is as yet accessible.
To make solidarity over all Vivi-empowered screens, customisable sprinkle screens with your schools marking can be transferred to the administrator entry.

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