Volunteering and Its Place in Australian Society

Published: 2021-09-12 13:40:09
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The definition of a volunteer is a person from any age that decides to take time out of their own lives to freely work for an organisation without getting paid. Volunteers can do many things such as setting up or cleaning after parties like for example when their organisation is trying to advertise. They can also give emotional support for people that are struggling or even guide and give advice to people1. I have not volunteered before but below are the top five places that I would love to volunteer for.
I would volunteer at the RSPCA because I have my own pets, two cats and three dogs. I would love to help out the animals shelter with whatever needs to be done to keep the animals well and happy, for example feed or cuddle them. The only down side is that I am not able to volunteer until I am eighteen and I turn eighteen at the end of the year. Trees for life is an organisation that tries to restore nature and the environmental state, they also raising money which helps to protect the wildlife habitats. The money is also used to make new biodiverse which is a mostly large area that is able to hold countless species of both animals and plants. I love this because it is the humans that are destroying the earth and we need to change our ways to save it so I would put the effort in to try and change the destruction made.
I am pro improving the environment for the future of the earth and the sake of the wild life. Within saying that I would volunteer for green peace because they so just that. The organisation is trying to create a coal free future in order to improve climate change, protecting forests, oceans and the Antarctic, trying to save the great barrier reef and trying to end the oil age. The way they work is by bring people and communities together to stop the destruction and help recover the environment.
St Vincent de Paul Society is an organisation that receives donations from people so they are able to make in impact in many different ways. For example, people with low income, housing and homeless, refugee and migrants, health matters, indigenous Australia, children and education, international impact and wider impact. Each of these are sub headings and they do individual support behind them. I would love to volunteer for them to help raise the money needed in order to help these people in trouble.
KESAB is another environmental organisation that Is in s partnership with the government, councils, corporate sectors and the community. They do many things to help the environment by providing information about litter, waste and recycling. They do programs at schools (Litter less and wipe out waste), building and constructions sites (Clean site), indigenous lands (PALYA clean communities) and cities and beaches (Tidy town) to keep them all clean and healthy. They also have other campaigns called council waste education, accredited council and business waste audits, Road Watch and Please Butt It campaign6. The reasons I would volunteer for them is because I see many people that litter all the time even when they are close to a bin. It would be nice to teach people to walk just a few extra metres to help the environment.
Above I have chosen which five organisations I would volunteer for, but I have now changed my mind and add a sith one and I have chosen the blind Welfare Association (BWA). I have decided on this organisation because my grandparents have volunteered for them and that allows me to get as much information about them as possible.
I have also added a photo of the many ways I can also contact the organization for even more information and there is also a photo of my grandpa on their website.
What are the targets and the ambitions for the blind welfare association?
Not an easy question for me to answer as I wasn’t involved in the business of BWA, but to me their main aim is to look after their blind and vision impaired members with their wellbeing, making sure they get all the government benefits available to them, help with financial dealing, help with special tech equipment available for blind people. Talking computers, talking books, special DVDs that tell what is going on in the movie, special help in and around their homes, sometimes just basic things that you and I take for granted.
What are the benefits that can be obtained working for blind welfare association?
To me it gave me satisfaction that I had helped people that have a disability, and brought some happiness and a smile to their face, also friendship and interaction with other volunteers, listening to their life stories to, and telling mine.
Why do you believe that it is important to get as many people doing unpaid volunteer work than doing paid work?
Tricky question… to me some companies or businesses only have minimal money coming in, like BWA, and can only employ a certain amount of stuff, because of costs so therefore have to employ volunteers, BWA has five paid stuff and about 40 volunteers.
Why did you choose to get included within this organisation?
I had an appointment with northern volunteering, had discussions regarding my interests and work history, and told them I was looking for varied volunteering work reasonably close to home. BWA was one of the businesses looking for volunteers, had an appointment with volunteer officer at BWA, she explained all the details, I filled out an application form with personal details and three references and started about a week later, and have been there over five years.
What did you do in order to help them out?
My main duties there are: picking up and returning members for craft work at BWA. Taking a member shopping with his guide dog, and to medical appointments. General help in the centre setting up tables and chairs for special occasions, charismas times, Melbourne cup, Easter, Christmas in July etc… They also have a vision impaired peoples choir and they have music sheets in braille. I use BWAs vehicle so have to check over it every time I use it.
My grandfather has also volunteered for Gleneagles aged care, sweeping and watering plants in the courtyards, visited people who don’t get visitors. He also went on to tell me that my great grandma volunteered at a hospital for over 10 years, showing people how to make cards, fancy boxers etc. (MY grand grandma makes all her own cards for birthdays, charismas etc.) My grandfather’s mother volunteered for the Salvation Army and enjoyed it.
The Blind Welfware Association is an organistion that provides excellent quality care, welfare, support and accommodation service for people that are legally blind or have a vision impairment. All those points I have already noted are also apart of their mission plus promoting independence, dignity and respect and quality of life.
The Blind Welfare Assocation also has many objectives such as providing/ assist welfare, support and professional advocacy services for people who are legally blind or have a vision impairment. The also assist people that are blind or have a vision impairement with finances, accommodation support services, improve the quilty of their life. They also try to make represntations to the governent and to other agencies so they improve their services towards people that are either blind or have a vision impairment.
The history of the BWA or the Blind Welfare Association started in the depression years which was about the 1930s. the blind people of south australia created the Blind Welafare Association and it had now been running for over 75 years provioding services for the blind or thoses with vision impariments.
According to the source I found not all volunteers are covered ‘Only volunteers doing ‘community work’ for ‘community organisations are covered by the Act’.9 The same source also goes on to say that ‘a volunteer doing ‘community work’ for a ‘community organisation’ is not liable for any damage loss or injury they cause due to an act or omission done or made in good faith and without recklessness’.9 They also say that if someone is injured because of doing community work they are allowed to sue the organisation they work for but only if volunteers protection act (SA) does not protect the volunteer.9

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