What Attracts People on Social Media

Published: 2021-09-12 00:20:10
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What attracts people on social media?
July 20, 2018
Imagine scrolling through Facebook. The same endless dull statuses, with badly used stock images and misplaced emoji’s. You don’t notice half the stuff you pass, you just scroll and scroll and scroll, until a sigh of boredom makes you put the phone down. Exciting, right? Now imagine this. In between all those empty statuses and uninspiring posts, you see a burst of colour. A fragrance, a breakthrough, something that makes you take a second look. It’s not just the same ‘click here, pls like our page , thanks.’ Its exciting and new, the words are almost like a story, its personal, it makes you feel involved. You might even like the post. Crack a smile. You even go onto the page and give it some love, you share it to your friends, and you make sure you’re now following the page so you don’t miss future uploads. Sounds better – right?Social media is an ever-growing platform, that hits the smartphones, computers and tablets all across the world to all ages. Not only is it important to grab the attention of readers with stimulating words, but its also highly important to add a graphical element to the post. Nowadays, most people on social media are young, fresh and are always looking for something thrilling. If there is no graphical element to the post, or any exciting features, the young audience will immediately feel disconnected, and will scroll away. To make a business page really POP, its vital to be constantly updating their feed, focusing on the elements that stand out most to the viewers. As a social media enthusiast, I know exactly what a page is lacking, and exactly what makes a page stand out to others. From my experience in creative writing and graphic design, I can combine and create posts that will make a facebook, instagram and even twitter page, blow up.
Social Media Stats
I have recently made a facebook page for my design studio named ‘Shaka Studios’. Due to my knowledge of social media, I knew exactly what was needed for my page to obtain popularity, and to be boosted and shared to people all over the globe. My recent post managed to achieve a lot of attention, acquiring 60 new page likes within the hour, 14 post shares, and reaching 2,560 post views, with only 22 page likes prior to the upload.
This was purely based upon a design of my own, that captured the eyes of my target audience, which is another crucial part to making a page popular. For example, you can’t expect to have a surf company, who are constantly updating their feeds with new exciting products and images to do with surfing, to reach the interests of an audience who despise the sea. The facebook/instagram page would not become popular, and would fail. However, if you reach out to the right target audience, the likes and engagements in the page will rocket. To the left is a screenshot from my recent, most engaging post from Facebook, reaching 2.6k people. This is very impressive for a page that only initially had 20 page likes. I did this by using colours, words, and captivating images that appealed to my target audience. ALL being key parts to creating a successful platform for the business.
My Designs
To make myself a prosperous social media promoter, I combine both creative writing and graphic design, in order to remain professional and consequently, gain a solid following. Here are just a few examples portraying my skillset and creativity. Two logo’s designed to promote the Instagram and Facebook company of ‘Boxing Unscripted’, based in the United States. By doing this, it attracted a wide audience to their page. Merchandise created for the promotion of the band ‘Neon Sunset.’ I created these two particular designs in relation to their target audience. Knowing they’d be young adults, I researched into the fashion industry, to see what was popular with today’s society. Album artwork created for a musician, focusing on the trends that are current in the creative industry. This design attracted people to listen to his music.
The recipe for success.
It’s easy for people to lose themselves in a dull and meaningless social media platform, scrolling deeper into a black hole of the ‘same old.’ But, with a little creativity, passion, and determination, social media can become the critical fundamental to any company, constructing a unique and distinctive difference, that no one will be able to scroll past. Allow social media to flourish your business, because without it, who will you inspire?

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