The Truth Behind Our Food Products and Nutritional Plans

Published: 2021-09-12 18:10:09
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Category: Genetically Modified Organisms

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There are no seasons in supermarket. All kind of products are available at any time of the year, this is the power of innovation and technology which has advanced to an extent that consumers get what they wanted but the question is whether they know what they are eating?
Most of the products available in Supermarket are not actually a product its notional. It is just the idea of a product what people believe it is. 78% of the food products in the market has genetically modified ingredient. Eg. Tomatoes now are genetically hybrid and are plucked when green and sprayed with different chemicals to ripe as per the decided time.Who are Involved and Why
Industry doesn’t want us to know the truth about what we are eating because if we knew we might not eat it. We cannot blame the people involved in producing the food as the rules are they can produce such contaminated food but are not allowed to say what and how it is produced.
Everything revolves around cost cutting. From production to the final product reaching the consumer. Big companies have brought a factory system in the kitchen and made workers to the same systematic job every time repeatedly thus leading to low wage and easy replacement.
Not only final product e.g. hamburgers but also the basic stuff such as ingredients of that product has been dominated by the big companies as they are the one who gets large share of food in the market. Eg Mc Donald’s are the largest purchasers of meat, chicken, pork, potatoes tomatoes, lettuce and even apple. Thus they change the whole pattern of production of these as in 1970s top 5 beef purchasers controlled only 25% of market and today they control more than 80% of market. The idea has changed from farming to mass production in an assembly line. Even if we do not eat meat from fast food restaurant but we are eating meat produced by the fast food chain
Tyson is the biggest meat packing co. People like to eat white meat and hence they have changed the production as such they have redesigned the chicken to have larger breasts and grow within 48 days instead of an average 70days.
Farmers are Under Control by This Big Corporation
To build 1 poultry house it takes 280,000 to 300,000 dollars and the co.’s constantly come up with upgrades etc., thus farmers will have to go to the bank and take loans and do the upgrades because if they do not then they are threatened of losing the contract. And losing the contract would lead them to loss of income which they cannot afford. Hence having their own business still, they are tied and enslaved by big corporations.
In 1996 when Monsanto began selling roundup ready Soya beans only 2% of Soya beans in US contained their patented gene by 2008 90% of soya bean in US contains Monsanto’s patented Gene. It has gone to that extent where Monsanto has a team of investigators investigating and prosecuting farmers who save their own seed are prosecuted for patent infringement.
Impact of E-coli
E-coli has led to death of child and while taking the issue to the court. It stated that the government do not have any authority to shut down the production of this co. There are different cases wherein e-coli on food gas led to death. Considering this situation, the law introduced stating Kevin’s law wherein it gives the power to USA to shut down plants that repeatedly produce contaminated meat but until 6 years it has not passed.

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