Happiness as the Result of Pursuing Music and Other Art Forms

Published: 2021-09-14 22:05:10
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The earliest time I can recollect having some conscious contact with art is through music via melody sung or hummed by my mother. It was years later that I heard this melody and it suddenly brought vivid memories from my early childhood. I could again feel the warmth, comfort, and security of being surrounded by a loved one, and it was baffling that a piece of music could have such profound effect even after such a long time. After a short inquiry, I discovered that the melody was based on Brahms’s – Lullaby written some hundred and fifty years ago, and it was even more astonishing that music had such lasting power. It was at that moment I decided to devote part of my time to the exploration of music and indeed any other art form that can have such an inspirational consequence.
As it was rather late to pick up an instrument, a brush or start acting, I decided to immerse myself in different types of music, ones that I would not usually listen to, go to more plays and exhibits and generally try to discuss with friends how they felt about certain types of art and what moved them. This had some interesting results. Namely, I seemed to lose track of time at some of these outings, but sometimes I got bored pretty fast. Pondering about this I concluded that I felt better, enjoyed it more and stayed longer when the music was merrier, or the subject was something pretty or joyful. At the time I had some personal difficulties, and it seemed that I needed something happy and beautiful to take my mind off of these problems. Not that the issues would disappear but after seeing a play or just listening to a favorite track I felt renewed, re-energized and ready to tackle the problems. My friend agreed that we all look for something pretty and nice to take us through the tough times. However, sometimes I felt more at ease when listening to a sad song having the feeling that the artist is sad with me or that someone else is having similar doubts and problems as I do. It also gave me a sense that I need not feel happy and great all the time but that the sadness, nostalgia, loneliness, and pain are normal states and that I should not fight them but embrace them as a regular part of life.Strangely enough, I am of the opinion that to be in art you don’t need to be creative per se. For me, being honest with yourself and conveying this honesty into your artwork will yield best results, just as Brahms expressed his pure joy for a newborn of a dear friend.

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