What Inspires Me to Become a Dentist

Published: 2021-09-14 12:40:09
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My initial experience with dentistry as a potential career path started accidentally in my first year of high school. As part of a school program, students volunteered their time at local community organizations to gain real life experience. I was given the assignment to volunteer at the local dental clinic and help with patients flow. There, I experienced the full scope of a career in dentistry, which can truly impact and improve the lives of people. In addition, I also learned what it means to be a leader in the field of healthcare. My most memorable experience was the relationships formed between the dentist and patient, the opportunity of meeting and working with people from all aspects of life is what I find most stimulating. Dentistry is also a career which allows me to make use of my manual skills that I have acquired over the years. Furthermore, I believe dentistry is a career that is dynamic and evolving every year, thus providing endless opportunities to further study and specialize in different dental principles, and concurrently provide a secure, fulfilling and exciting career.
My decision to study dentistry was reinforced by my volunteer work the Kristi Dental Office and back at the local dental clinic. For this, I observed a number of procedures, such as extractions, orthodontics, tooth crowning, dental implants, dental hygiene procedures, and surgical procedures. Kristi Dental Office is a well-equipped and advanced dental office. They have a number of dentists working for them and I was able to witness patient care at a very high level. There, I also witnessed the fabrication of crowns, dentures, complex dental bridges and even had the opportunity to take impressions of teeth, which I still remember to this day. This experience showed me that dentistry is highly dependent and mutual understanding between dentist and patient, along with the support and administrative staff that makes the interaction efficient and effective.. I believe there is a harmony that occurs between staff and dentist as soon as the patient walks in the treatment room which allows the dentist to be at the same time; a highly skilled doctor, psychologist, a business manager, but above all a leader and a communicator.The joy of changing a person’s life by creating a healthy, beautiful smile is the most substantial reward of being a dentist. I cannot think of a better way to spend every day than to work with fun people from all aspects of life. Dentistry is a perfect balance of art and science. It encompasses the creativity of an artist and the skills and knowledge of a surgeon to create something much more fascinating than a sculpture or painting.
There are many reasons why my aspiration in life is to be a dentist. But wanting to become something is only half the battle. To truly become a doctor, I have studied hard, earned my grade and sacrificed much in order to understand the needs people have. I come from a country that lacks education when it comes to oral health. It is why my mission, after I become a dentist, is to bring awareness to the people of Albania and help people realize the importance of oral health. I refuse to accept that people of older age have to lose their teeth and have to be forced to wear a denture.
In conclusion, it is dreams that define us and make us who we are. As we grow, we find that some dreams are difficult to overcome. However, those who conquer the impossible are the ones that make a difference in the world. It is these people that challenge the what is known, and aspire to be great. These people are passionate and elevate the standards so that others live a better life. Just like these people, I too am passionate about my dream to one day become a dentist and be trusted with the great responsibility to care for someone’s health and well-being.

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