What is Left of the Sun: Book Titles Inspired Verses

Published: 2021-09-29 12:30:10
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Spread before me
Are the remains of the day;The scattered beads of a rosary,
The half drunk bottle
Of cheap liquor, broken neck
Slowly leaking escape,
The silence of a room in a blistered sky
Whose pillars have heard too much,
My heart, shattered pieces
Staining my spirit with blood.
The battle has succumbed
To sleep and sweat stained
Air filter through air vents.
Wounds lie torn; red and raw
On the memory,
A rancid taste on the tongue.
Tossed properties torn
From positions of decor
To cover twisted rugs as if an
Errant tornado swept through
And left the remains of the day
For me to pick up and forget.
My poetry tend to run on for too long, I have come to realise. I have been told this before but I have never learnt how to stop from writing too much. I have to learn it.
This poem will be the starting of a series of short poems that I will be posting everyday. The poems will be no more than two stanzas with no more than twelve lines in each stanza. This would make for a maximum of 24 lines per poem. It is still lengthy, I think but let us start from there.
Also each poem will take its introductory line from the title of a novel. The introductory line might not be the first line of the poem though. Whoever can identify the line and the author of the book, would get an upvote from me.
This is not a contest, just a fun way to know about books and authors. You may be lucky enough to identify the title of a book in my poem that does not fit into the one I picked for the poem, so always search carefully before you make your pick.
If you are sure of the rightness of your choice, simply drop the answer as well as the post you’d like upvoted in the comment section. First come, first served.
Please do not drop a plagiarised post on my blog, I’d flag it to hell and back. Thank you.
This poem above is inspired by the book, The Remains of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.

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