The Features that Ease the Data Storing in Module

Published: 2021-09-10 20:20:09
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The drive of the generation in the 21st century gotten from the world of technology has been seen to be indelible. The recent possibility which is all geared to make the life built on a rock of convenience and also without stress has put the world to creating a smart life. The blockchain invention has brought about dynamism which is agreeably a great feat in the way they go about their data. As much as has been done, how well has this blockchain invention solved the core reason of the said invention still holds a big question.
It may be seen that the diverse innovation has been brought through the use of blockchain technology given a limitless opportunity in advancement but the bedrock of the technology which is PoW(Proof-of-work) is known for its uneasiness. Blockchain as beautiful as it may seem, utilizing PoW tends to consume lots of power which makes it very difficult to venture. The expenses incurred in this process makes it unachievable feat to the most serious investor who admires the blockchain platformCongruously, one of the core objective of the cryptocurrency market was to be able to empower the have-not in the society and also create equality. This essence of the crypto world is to make sure the ideology of class is a thing of the past but how much of such has been addressed? The wealthy group which is of a very less number has successfully bought over very high percent of the cryptocurrencies which has unfortunately brought about centralization which the system was initially intended to eradicate. The world of crypto has blossomed and is popular hence, some companies accept it as a means of payment for commodities purchased. The fact remains that there is an under usage of the cryptocurrencies in the world at large. This prompted to a noble invention called Module
Module is a network which uses the storage that is free on your device as an avenue of income making. It works as a distributed storage and also gives users the right to mine token even from the device as low as a smartphone.
It should be known that the Module system present a rear piece called the PCSN(P2P Cloud Storage Network). This piece helps for a distributed storage across devices which help data owners have a direct contact to consumers thereby getting rid of the middleman factor in the transaction process making client-side encryption reliable. These also flushes the idea of a central unit controlling the system which is vulnerable to attacks from error, hacks, even data misplacement making the Module technology a secure means of storage. It is also worthy of note that the client on the system is the one that has the decryption key to whatever data may be stored by such a client. This brings about authenticity and reliability of the data stored on the system.
Furthermore, with the build-up of a high storage platform, miners are given the ability of mining for blocks and earn with their device without taking lots of power. Devices such as PC’s, servers and even smartphones can be used in the mining process and these aids in bringing people into the Module community. Miners are rewarded for the generation of new blocks and this help to encourage and create a living for the energy put to use. The price earned by the miner on the network is determined by three elements namely; space, time and transaction carried out on the platform.
Module App is the application on the Module network which enables the ease of storing data and sharing data while miners are able to mine data on the network. These come with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for both clients and farmers on the system.

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