The Work Structure and Marketing Plan of Zettabyte Technologies

Published: 2021-09-12 07:30:09
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Zettabyte technologies, is a company of IT development sector whom are focused to provide Custom software development, Web design, Web Development, SEO service, Mobile & Desktop app, domain registration. It’s a new company, very recently they started up their journey. Approx 3years before, 1st April, 2014. At first, it was named as Corez IT. Md. Yarul Islam and Yeasin Muhammad Nur both of them take the first initiate to hold the program. They are the main founder of this firm. CoreZ IT focuses on micro level detailing when it comes to create web based system and developing good relation for better customer support and experiences. Their products were software development, ERP solution for any institution, web design and development, E-commerce solution, SEO and mobile app. But due to some unavoidable circumstances Yeasin Muhammad Nur left the company and the company’s name turned into Zettabyte Technologies. Officially the new name is launched by 1st October, 2016. This company’s target is to provide client software development, Web design, Web development, SEO service, Mobile & desktop application, Domain registration. In that company, total 8 employees are involving there. They have the intrinsic ability to concentrate deeply for customers specific and technological opportunities to their clients which is what differentiates from those competitors. Company’s employee pursuit insightful solution is to satisfy. They provided the local market systems. They import some products from Uniked Kingdom and Malaysia. Their office is located at Banasree, House-17, Road-3, Block-B, Dhaka. Their office hours are 11:00am to 6:00pm. The company’s motto is “In Search of Innovation”.
Md. Yarul Islam is the main initiator of “Zettabyte Technologies”. Now he is the C.E.O. of that company. At first he did his task as freelancer to gather some experiences. He had no interest in market level job sector because in that he would have to do his task within a fix time with a fixed amount of salary as well as he has no interest to be a clerk like others, his intention is to be like a boss. Then he decided to take some steps for inventing a new business. So he started to take heed what is going to be the best for him because if anyone’s willing to do business, there will always be a rule that is one might have the top to bottom ideas of that particular business and always loves to face challenges. Then he realized that IT sector would be the best option for him. He took the risk with Yeasin and introduced “CoreZ IT” and now it is ‘Zettabyte Technologies”. He does know IT business might be very risky business, its not so popular like other business such as food sector, developing business etc. But he loves to face the challenges and risks, his intention is that whatever would happen, I would love to face this one. This aggressive mind set up makes him stand against all obstacles. His family background is also in business sector that is why he wanted to do some new business. Extreme desire, such dedication to get the goal and through the support from his family, right now this “Zettabyte Technologies” is an established company, though they are now at the starting level.Website improvement is a method of impacting the online detectable quality of a webpage or webpage page in a web list’s unpaid results routinely suggested as earned results. It is the most a great part of the time went to appear in the question yield list, the more visitors it will get from the web file’s customers. These visitors would then have the capacity to be changed over to customers. It may target different kinds of chase, including picture look for, video look, academic interest, news request and industry-specific vertical web crawlers. Web architecture upgrade fluctuates from close-by website plan change in that the latter is revolved around overhauling a business online proximity with the objective that its webpage page will be indicated by means of web lists when a customer enters an area filter for its things or organizations. By and by Zettabyte’s guideline focus is to assemble the amount of visitors to visit their site. All together that they endeavor their level best to make an engaging site with the objective that more visitors visit there, get their impression and come to them as a client. Their standard inquiry is to fulfill the client’s need. They would need to plan a social affair for them. Listen to them carefully what they require. By then they have to pick is it possible to fulfill the client’s need inside this need spending design. So they have to go for a course of action. Moreover, that exchange is fundamental to look like for both the client and Zettabyte. Notwithstanding the way that CoreZ IT has been ended anyway it works from the separated. Like as a pariah they send some client for Zettabyte. Likewise, there is no convincing motivation to state Zettabyte works in the on the web.
In today’s world recent era is totally online based. Bangladesh is also following this tradition. We are in digital era, so one of the most important term is Time. And it is applicable for everyone. From this online system we are getting to know whatever we want. We don’t need to go shop, we can see our desired item through online. So we can save our time as though. This online business is very popular in our Y generation. If the marketers maintain the rhythm of this current business, they would have to go for online based. So, only the IT firm people can do this one. They can make website, advertisement, help them to give some innovative ideas. Actually we can say Marketing is the main factor in all these term. Now the competition is huge. Many people are going to start the new IT business. So Zettabyte would have to fight against other competitors too.
When they started the business they didn’t take any loans from the bank. They did some other works previously. They got some capital from there. By this capital they started this company. Now when employee do work and employee get their payment do not spend it. They keep it in the bank as resources so that they can use it in the future.
Primary Sources

At Zettabyte office
Contact with CEO
Met with them personally

Firms Position
Currently Zettabyte Technologies position is at start up level. But in the next 5 years they want to see their position in the Top middle level in Bangladesh.
Future Challenge
They want to go at the top 20 companies in Bangladesh as they preferring IT sector firms. This company is very helpful for those people who use intern and in future who wants to work in this firm.
Marketing Plan
They develope the market product and work in an inventory system. Their marketing team works for the ready product. Their services are based on product online. They boost their facebook page to promote company’s product. They search their work by the marketing team. So the relationship with the client is a major factor. From that client relationship, it would be higher chances to get some other clients for the beneficiary of their company.
Working with the Organizations
“CoreZ IT” worked with “Sanowara group” for the website development. Zettabyte Technologies worked with “Medona” group for the company website, “Sanowara group” for their market system and sms report model. They also worked for the “Kwalityicecream” company for their logo, website and pose system. Their successful task is Bangladesh post office for poster life insurance. “CoreZ IT” and “ZettabyteTechnologie” activities are the same.
Zettabyte Technologies is an IT sector based company. They have a very bright future.

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