The Motivation Behind the Revolutionary Ideas During French Monarchy

Published: 2021-09-23 17:25:11
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The French Revolution was caused by many issues within the monarchy. There was first off the topic of economic issues. The monarchy was known for spending frivolously, which really affected the people, therefore nearly everyone fell below the poverty line. Assisting Britain during the American Revolution had only sunk the French Republic farther into debt. A greedy, ineffective solution to this debt was presented. The third estate was supposed to pay all the taxes, which is ironic seeing as they had no money to pay with.
The first social order is the clergy, the second is the nobles, and the third is the poor. Although the French Republic was already in debt, poor harvests wrecked the nation. As a result, famine continued to become an even more prevalent problem. There had also been a rise in population growth, further worsening the issue of famine and economic problems.The rulers of France, were underprepared and ill-equipped to rule. King Louis was a shy, introverted, and indecisive man. His wealth made him ignorant to the issues of the third estate, and therefore he ignored them, leading him to treason. He had no outstanding abilities, and was pretty much incompetent. He had a political arranged marriage to Queen Marie from Austria. On the other hand, she was outgoing, social, and manipulative. She had been secretly communicating with Austria as it was, and had wasted most of the national budget on herself. She had been known for extremely lavish clothing and hair. She, like her husband, had no abilities that would prove useful for the kingdom.
During this dilemma, there came a rise in power in the middle class. There had particularly been a concentration of power in a few families of the second estate. These were trusted advisors and nobles who worked closely with King Louis. Those advisors were who befriended the king, and so the king greatly listened to their opinions, since it seemed he had none of his own.
Within the middle class came the Role of Enlightenment. This was the final push towards the French Revolution. These were new ideals that people could take into account. It was to break the stigma that people do not have to be a part of their estate forever. That people can rise above the status of the their class because humans have a right to think how they want. John Locke and Rousseau had been the most influential, and therefore the most famous of leaders in the Enlightenment, as well as the revolution.

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