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Published: 2021-09-13 23:45:10
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Teaching isn’t only a profession for me. It is the way of life, it’s something that makes me feel relaxed and at the same time being needed. I love having children around me watching in my eyes attentively and listening to everything I say carefully.
I enjoy seeing a fruitful result of my boundless hardworking in them. However, what I have experienced through my career is that no day is ever the same. Teaching is never the same from one day to the next. My job doesn’t end when the bell rings. At the contrary ,at that very moment , my doubts and worries begin to overcome the challenge not only for a the next session, but also for a new day in my career as a teacher, yet I have never felt fully satisfied about the job am actually doing . The way I taught yesterday, the way I am teaching today and how I will teach tomorrow is merely a constant repetitive question hovering my mind day after day.
I always ask myself if I am good teacher. How does my teaching style compare to the styles of my colleagues? Are my classroom management skills as effective as those of other teachers in my school? Do my classes fill my students with enthusiasm or imbue them with ennui? Am I confident in my ability to deal with any student problem that arises in the course of the day? Am I aware of the most current teaching strategies and management techniques and do I really know which ones are most successful? “How is this making my practice better?”
As with any noble pursuit, becoming an exceptional teacher requires hard work, including constant reading, research, trial and error, finding a mentor who can help, reflection, discussion, rinse and repeat. An experienced teacher has to know His /her strengths and weaknesses. Which weakness they need to work at and how teachers have to learn and develop our skills. It’s just part of the job. A teacher must be dedicated to the notion of change.
Personally, I have spent countless hours planning lessons, grading assessments, and reflecting on what I, as a teacher, have done well and not so well in the classroom.
My work is never complete. I never finish the to-do list; I always have something new to learn, something else to share with others or another strategy or resource to create, disseminate and evaluate.
Consequently, if teachers don’t reflect on their experience, and if they don’t consciously think about how they could do better next time, it’s hard for them to learn anything at all.
So if we can inculcate these elements, we all would be very effective.
I believe that everything we do in our profession should be to make our practice better, with the lasting intention of making the learning experiences better for the students.
Therefore In the reality of the 21st century, we live in, I have learned not to take critical reflection negatively, however to look at it, think positively and think ‘how can I make this better / how can I turn this into a positive to improve my practice? That’s why I conducted this research paper entitled “Reflective teaching “which goes hand in hand with continuing professional development. It would a good opportunity for teachers to know about what is reflective teaching? Why reflective teaching? And how to be a reflective teacher practice?

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