What Unites All Parenting Styles?

Published: 2021-09-10 03:55:09
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There are many different parenting styles. Mothers and fathers tend to have different roles in a child’s life. Parenting styles can be derived from an individual’s personality type. A person’s childhood environment can also influence parenting styles. Different parenting styles can a great source to gain much strength to carry into adulthood. As a mother, I tend to put focus on affection, tolerance, and an emphasis on manners; while my husband is stricter, meticulous, with an emphasis on discipline. Although, these parenting styles differ, we share the same goal; that our son is loved, educated, and his needs are met.
I have only been a parent for a little over five years, but I knew the moment my son was born that my priority would be to show him love. I am a typical woman in this area. I fall weak to tears and unhappy facial expressions. The smallest cry caused by a “bobo” ropes me in for the rescue. Being criticized for “babying” my little tike is expressed to me often. In spite of that, I continue to hold him as long as he cries. I believe that affection is critical to emotional development. It is important to me that he knows I will be there when needed. A small mess is tolerated in the spirit of creativity. Unlike my husband, I strongly encourage messy works of art and at home science experiments. Regret is not a feeling I experience while I clean the after math of these little projects.While relaxed in most subjects, I place an emphasis on exceptional manners. My sweet and mild manor vanishes with back-talk and rude behavior. I was raised on the importance of manners therefore I clearly notice the counter attitude. As a mother, it brings me great joy, for my son to display polished manners.
In contrast to my parenting, my husband plays by a different set of rules. My husband is a firm believer in discipline. Because my husband is fonder of self-soothing, he believes our son should be able to comfort himself. The goal of this is that he will grow into an emotional strong adult male. Aside from giving our son some space to vent, my husband holds high standards of cleanliness and organization. This is due to his “obsessive compulsive disorder.” For instance, after bath time; he ensures that all shampoo bottles are evenly lined up, all soap suds must be rinsed out of the tub, and the slightest drop of water dried off of the floor. My husband has spent hours with our son, meticulously organizing “Legos.” The need for order is particularly important to my husband. He is displeased with a report of anything but positive. Forgetting the fact that he is only five-years-old, he is punished for every little disruption.
While our parenting styles have vast differences, we share the same ultimate goal. We compare greatly with the love that we give our son. We both find happiness when we show our son love. Ten times out of ten, we choose spending time as a family rather than a night out with friends. Making sure his needs are always met is another commonality we share. We are both more likely to neglect ourselves to ensure his essentials. Lastly, we geared towards his education. This includes; being proactive with school activities, helping with homework, and reading a book with him every night before bed. It is a top priority for us both, that he has the best educational opportunities possible.
My husband and I have different parenting styles, but our collaboration is successful. I believe our son will gain valuable qualities from these differences. Through these differences we both achieve the same goal. We keep our son’s best interest ahead of anything else. We may not always use the same approach, but together we provide him with love, quality education, and fulfill his needs.

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