Main Ideas Why China and Democracy Aren't Connected

Published: 2021-09-15 07:00:09
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“The main problem is that the Chinese place too much faith in the infinite wisdom and ability of a great leader and party elite” said Dr. Eric C. Hendriks, a Beijing-based sociologist who previously worked at Peking University. In the article, he points out that China needs to be politically more democratic. Because he insists that China’s political system is now having so many limitations, or even hinder a country from future developments. However, if evaluating the actual situation from other perspectives and taking into considerations of the other existing obstacles of the over-idealized and unrealistic plan to democratization, some can also argue that in fact, it is merely possible for China to further democratize and she might not even be suitable for a democratic system at all. The professor and director of China Center for Comparative Politics & Economics claims in his article that the standard of democracy of some Western countries itself is basically largely different from the standard of the “Chinese style democracy” and it is not reasonable for China to adopt a democratic political system; he argues, “it is almost dead-end to explain the Chinese way of democratic politics through using existing Western democratic theories. Likewise, from the standards of Western democratic political values, it is hard to recognize that the Chinese political system is heading for democracy”. Is China suitable for a western democratic political system? The answer is negative. Due to China’s historical backgrounds, economic conditions, and other significant factors that are influencing the Chinese society, China is not suitable for, and should not adopt a democratic political system like those western countries.
First of all, from a historical perspective, “China is not going to become a liberal democracy; if it did, it would collapse. I do not believe you can impose on other countries standards which are alien and totally disconnected from their past” said previous Singapore leadership, Lee Kuan Yew. I totally agree with him. So, compare to the differences between the historical background of western countries and China, you will realize that is almost impossible for China to be democratic. As we all know, the first time of democracy is started from Greece around the 15th century, then spread quickly in Europe. After they immigrated to North America, they bring the political system as well. That’s why both Europe and America are democratic. China has thousands year of history, changed a lot of dynasties, but every dynasty is a dictatorship. “Ancient China had numerous dynasties that helped shape it to what it is today.” The influence of dictatorship is too deep, which as Lee said, “we can’t totally disconnect from their past.”. Chinese had been lived under the dictatorship for thousands of years, that’s why China can’t have the exact same model as western’s. Even the internal structure is democratic, but she still has the centralized system, still has the traces of dictatorship. For example It just like a chinese move to Canada and have been lived for while, he learned English, but he will still have chinese accent. Since the dictatorship history is so long and people’s mind is ingrained, it is almost impossible to reform like a western system. China can’t isolate the history and force itself to have the same model as othersLet’s move on to the economic perspective, the economic level is an important standard to test the strength of a country. “China is a key driver of the global economy and so the better-than-expected data is likely to cheer investors around the world.” The whole world witnesses the incredible growth of China’s economy and China has the ability to impact the world’s economy. In a research of “China’s economy” said, “Until 2015, China was the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with growth rates averaging 10% over 30 years.” Even though China is not as great as some developed countries, but China is still the fastest-growing major economy country, that maintains the rate of growth for a long period. “The 6.9 percent annual pace of expansion for the world’s second-largest economy, reported Monday, surpassed economists’ forecasts and was an improvement from a 6.8 percent pace of growth in the last quarter of 2016.” The statistics was from 2016 and China’s economy is still keeping the amazing growth, it’s not saying that China’s economy is strong enough, but according to the rate of growth we can tell, the system China has is suitable. “The ultimate test of the value of a political system is whether it helps that society to establish conditions which improve the standard of living for the majority of its people”, said by Singapore president. China uses its own way to become the fastest-growing major economy, faster than all the democratic countries, how can you say that this is not a successful system?
Furthermore, as far as the reality is concerned, maybe you might ask “How can you know that without actually doing it?”, you probably right, but can we really try it? The answer is practically impossible, owing to the “Communist party is the only party in China.” is already in the constitution. Either there is a new, brave chairman to rebuild China or there is a revolution which is definitely impossible based on the current China conditions. As the previous Singapore president Lee said, “You need a certain standard of literacy, moral and ethical values, to be able to run a one man, one vote system”, which is the point I am going to explain, Half of the population or even more are children, farmers and old people that live in the far-off city. Most of them are uneducated or not educated well, we can’t hope they can say “I am voting him because I fully understand what he talking about and I know who he is”. The fact is most of them have to do farming or work in the factories, what they really care is how to earn more money, they don’t really care about who is going to be the leader, and have no idea about the policy.
Moreover, if you look at the “comment” section in all kinds of News or Social media, you will realize that section is filled with offensive speeches and blindly patriotic rhetoric. They are lack of logical thinking and critical ideas, they are not allowed to have their own ideas, they only need to recite all the knowledge and the answer. They don’t have the custom to doubt authority, actually, they are always afraid to express our feeling especially involved with politics in the public area. Also in a research on “Entertainment of China”, it says, “The clicks on TV series are over 10 billion in China, which is way more clicks than political news, hich means people concerned more about entertainment than politics. So what China’s system do is using representation. All the representatives in the People’s Assembly is appointed, they are generally better than civilians on critical thinking and political knowledge, which makes this democratic system more effective, and the people like Trump won the selection is totally impossible in this system. And since all the representatives belong to the Communist party, there’s no party competition, they can focus on making benefits on people.
To conclude, China in fact does not fit the conditions to the development of western democracy because of her historical legacy and traditions, the inherent and deep- rooted economic cycles, and other social factors such as the average education levels, the cultural values, and the population size. There is this interesting saying in China, “The orange that grew from the south is sweet, but the orange grew from the north is sour.” Same oranges that would have the different taste if they grow at separate places. Yes, in a similar way, democracy for sure can potentially boost development for the Chinese society, but to actually implement appropriate measures can be extremely time- and energy- consuming, with the result being not necessarily bright; Although China’s political system still contains defects and might face challenges on its way to future developments, it should, with no doubts, stick to its own path under the current situation. After all, a balance between absolute authority from the “party elites” and a platform for all people’s voice is what every country would always strive for. The famous American entrepreneur once said: “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” China right now is walking on the road that no one ever been to, many western countries are standing on another road and suggest: “Turn left! Turn right!”, but only China itself knows every step she took, every decision she made.

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