Why Google Has Dominated the Search Industry and Factors Affecting Its Success

Published: 2021-08-30 02:35:07
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Google has dominated the search industry for a number of years with almost 67% of all computer searches and close to 95% of mobile searches across the globe. According to netmarketshare.com, Yahoo is considered the distant second search engine with close to 8% of total global searches.Bing takes up the third position with roughly 4% as Baidu takes 2% and AOL staggers with less than 1%. Google has always achieved a more effective competitive advantage in the search industry due to its ability to implement a business strategy that allows advertisers to bid their adverts on cost-per-impression (CPI) and cost-per-click (CPC) basis.
Among the competitive forces used by Google and other search engines in the search industry, competitive rivalry among the competing search engines seems to be the strongest. Since all the search engines offer almost similar services, users are tempted to switch to a search engines that best suit their demands. A trivial hiatus or network problem in one search engine would drive all the users into a rival search website. In order to maintain an efficient, competitive advantage, Google has to ensure that they keep an effective lead in the entire search industry. Aspects such as spying can greatly stain the image of Google and make the users transfer allegiance to other competitors.The weakest competitive force in search companies is the entry of new search engines into the industry. Since Google and other search engines have technologically improved, new firms will experience a difficult situation in trying to cope with the competitive advantage in the market. Google as an old company in the industry has achieved great competitive advantage skills that have enabled it to achieve myriad attractiveness in the entire search industry.
The search industry is changing extremely fast in a number of ways. Initially, the search engines were only used as sources of information. However, in the current system, the engines have evolved to be dynamic and incorporated aspects such as advertising. In addition, search engines have included various applications to enable users’ access to various institutional searches.
One of the key factors defining success in an industry is the brand name.A well-respected company brand name in the search industry can gain customers faster and achieve effective growth to ensure business success. Another key success factor that has helped the search industry is the increased use of the internet. Besides, with the rise in the use of smartphones, almost every user accesses the search engines (Jannesson Et al, 2013).
According to James Gamble (2014), Google’s customer intention is to increase globalization in its services and ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed and help in achieving the best competitive advantage among its competitors. Google has relied on various marketing strategies that have greatly increased customer loyalty. Through the introduction of aspects such as Gmail.com and Android applications, Google has been able to maintain customer use of its search engines. Additionally, Google has created a browser such as Chrome to increase its effectiveness in the market. Evidently, Chrome has helped Google capture the attention of more users. Besides, google.com has been set as the default browser in Chrome making it effective to attract more internet users (Gamble Et al, 2014).
There are a number of recommendations that Google should implement in order to ensure that it achieves competitive advantage against other search firms (Jannesson, Nilsson & Rapp, 2013). Conversely, Google needs to increase its strategies on smartphones to improve consumer acceptance and achieve more competitive advantages. Competitive advantage is one of the major substantial fundamentals that Google should use in order to gain more market skills and customer satisfaction.

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