My Desire to Study Bioengineering

Published: 2021-09-15 07:50:10
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Bioengineering is an interesting field to do my undergraduate studies because it encompasses almost everything from basic chemistry & biology to the more advanced technologies that we use for information gathering about human systems, for example, EEG to record brain signals analyze behavioral changes, CT & MRI to image deep tissues, 3D printing technology to mimic the extracellular matrix and cell arrangement in the field of Tissue Engineering. It is one of the more emerging fields which is been highly researched by scientists to produce novel materials for Tissue Engineering or for Drug Delivery.
The incident that inspired me to opt for masters in the field of biomedical engineering is of college. I was on a tour with my friends to a place called Kodaikanal. Post the tour, my friend Najim had a sudden paralytic attack on his left hand. On viewing his left hand’s CT image it was confirmed that his nerves were weakened during the touring period. I was curious about the imaging technology and how it was generated and how it was discerned, on the other hand, I was also fascinated by the drug regime and the dosage which was given to him. The various interaction of the drug with tissues all the more fascinated me to pursue the dream and I wanted to realize that I could achieve my dream of being a researcher in the fieldWhile pursuing my undergraduate, I had courses in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Basic Electronics, Biomechanics, Material Science and Technology, Biosignal processing, immunology, Medicinal Chemistry, Biosensors, Biomaterials, Biomedical Photonics, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery Systems, Experimental Nano-Bioscience and Medical prosthesis where I had gained knowledge about the subjects. When learning these courses, I had understood why these courses were relevant and why this stream of engineering is an upcoming but a powerful course that will change this modern world.
During my Second year, I worked under the mentorship Dr. C Uma Maheshwari to perform novel synthesis for (2-Amino Pyridyl) Benzamide using aqueous hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant and water as a solvent to carry out the reaction. I have attended an In-Plant training at Bioklone, Chennai, to understand about basic cell culture assay and how it is done. Having gained some knowledge about my subjects in my city, I wanted to know the modus operands of labs in foreign labs. So I opted for Tokyo City University in Japan for doing my last semester thesis.
For my Bachelor’s thesis I under the mentorship of Dr. Takamichi Hirata on a project titled “A Predicative model to discern Cerebral Edema from CT images” which employed the use of the convolutive neural network (AI based system) to differentiate between the normal and affected brain. The thesis is relevant because in this society not all people can afford highly expensive imaging technologies like MRI. By Pseudo coloring these images, it was given to the system which was trained using existing data, the probability as well as accurately finding an affected brain was increased. Ultimately the doctor can also cross verify their hypothesis and that too I matter of minutes. These experiences have certainly helped me to understand the depth of each and every technique that is used in imaging. I wanted to explore more about the depth not only in imaging but also in the field of Medicinal Chemistry
Doing MS is a good start to attain my goal as a skilled researcher. Till now I only had the opportunity to work at a basic level. I want to how I can optimize any experiment that I encounter.
My long-term goal is to become a highly skilled researcher and to get nominated for Nobel Prize in the field of Medicinal Chemistry or in the field of Biosensors.
That’s why I have chosen The University of Twente to improve various aspects of Medicinal Chemistry or in Biosensors. The University itself is globally recognized and it is one of the world’s leading research universities. It also has a large number of international students leading to the great amount of fusion between cultures all around the world. The huge number of master’s course in your esteemed university as well your acclaimed MS programme in Bioengineering will enable me to get in touch with the leading industries around the globe.

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