Why I Build My Career Pursuits in the Field of Data Science

Published: 2021-09-14 14:55:11
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There is a sequence of events which have reinforced my academic interests and have led me to build my career pursuits in the field of Data Science. I have never been the only one to struggle for survival but have always sought to try and stand ahead in every facet of my life. Since school I have believed in hard work that little bit of extra effort, which has helped me realize my goals at every stage. In the ever-changing world of Engineering and Technology, where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and applications, I want to attain the highest level of education and place myself in line with opportunities where I can work on the cutting edge. I believe pursuing Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering at the George Mason University would be the first step towards it.
The fascination towards computers urged me to take up computer science as my subject of study during my under graduation. This primitive passion to learn more about computers and technology made me relish the intricacies of subjects like Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Web Programming and Services, etc. I specially reveled in courses like Object Oriented Programming, Computer Architecture, Microprocessors & Micro-controllers, Object Oriented System Development, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks which opened up a whole new dimension with regard to their prospective and possibilities. I am well-versed in programming languages like C, C++ and Python using environments like UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS.A distinctive element of my undergraduate education has been the term projects I worked on. These encouraged me to think independently and align myself towards pursuing a career in research. In my third year, I worked on developing “Applications Based ON HUNGARIAN Algorithm” it is a cost optimization algorithm which takes in inputs and solves the assignment problem in polynomial time. Next semester, I worked on a project called “Content-Based Search and Ranking Model for Image Retrieval” as part of a 3 member team. We extracted the underlying content from our image samples to create a description for the images instead of the traditionally used keyword approach. The images were continuously ranked on the relevance of their description to the user query. We plotted the data on an anchor graph which helped us in improving the computational efficiency of the system and achieving a 93% accuracy. While working on this project I got introduced to many new topics related to Data Analytics and with the desire to delve more into it, I enrolled in the “Modern Python 3 Bootcamp” program from Udemy and “Applied Machine Learning Course” from Appliedaicourse.com. Data Analytics Engineering, MS program at George Mason University provides a structured curriculum in the field of Data Science, covering mathematical and computational technical skills. In addition, the program provides distinctive practicum opportunities to students.
I plan to specialize in Data Mining. During my first year there, I hope to take a number of courses related to the domain of Machine Learning and Data Mining. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google are heavily investing in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep learning. This is evident from the launch of self-driving cars and Amazon go stores.
Considering my future goal, the courses and the concentrations provided at the university will feed my learning needs. Apart from my academics, I have embraced participation in extracurricular activities and sports, right from my schooling. During my school days, I have represented my school in various activities and won many prizes in Sports Competition and I have played cricket at school level in the age of 16 and also at the college level. I participated in various workshops on Python, Cloud Computing, and Network Security. I warrant that I do possess the intellectual ability and the zeal to set out on an exhilarating and arduous path of graduate study at your university. I am sure that my attitude and drive will see me through the challenge and I am convinced that my study at your department would be a rewarding experience. I look forward to having a long and beneficial association with your esteemed university with sufficient financial support.
Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to express myself and I look forward to my admission into the graduate program at your esteemed university.

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