Why I Choose the Field of Cyber Security for My Ms Program

Published: 2021-09-14 10:15:10
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Massive amounts of data are produced by a rapidly growing number of devices. The equation is very simple: More devices means more data, both structured and unstructured. Widespread mobile adoption has led to the rise of social networks, which generate even more data. So it has become quite a tedious task to secure them. How can one look into this vast amount of data and analyze it and try to secure it? This is something that has always intrigued me and it still does. It is one of the main reasons that makes me want to choose the field Cyber security for my MS program. To develop and learn the basics of this field, I have attended various workshops and internships to expand my subject knowledge. The current status of this field might not be quite popular when compared to other field, but with the ongoing amount of data that has to be managed and secured, I genuinely think it has a lot of scope in the future and it is indeed necessary.
I did choose United states of America to do my master’s program not just because many people blindly just do it, but I enquired quite a lot of my relatives who are living there and also my cousins who do study there about the quality of education provided and merits of continuing my studies there.To be honest, I was not quite a fan of doing engineering back when I was in 10th. I have always been good at math and I was pretty confident of doing CA until few things changed and I ended up taking Computer Science stream in high school. Even though I was not quite happy about this decision and when I just thought I would regret taking this decision, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I started loving various concepts in Computer Science and it pushed me to know more and more and learn various things. This made me choose Computer Science and Engineering and in these past four years, I have learned a lot in these four years and each and every subject has nothing but increased my want to study more. In order to gain more knowledge I did attend an internship on Ethical Hacking with a company called Kaashiv Infotech who are Microsoft trained employees.
During the past three years, I never received any backlogs and I hope to continue and do the same. There was this one semester where my GPA took an all-time low when compared to my other semester results. This is was when I didn’t like the atmosphere of my college and the strict rules imposed by them and it was difficult for me to study then. But I overcame that and I pushed myself to adapt to such environment and now I love my college. Even though my overall grades are not really good, my grades in math and CS related subjects are pretty good.
Like the other 1 billion of my fellow countrymen, I too have a strong liking for cricket. I have been playing cricket all my life and have represented my state in U-19 levels and I still continue to play in city level. I have been lucky enough to say that I was chosen to lead my college cricket team in 3rd year itself but I politely declined it because there were seniors whom I know will not be happy to be led by a junior. I wanted to be more of a team player and never had any greed for captaincy. I knew even if I am not the captain, I would be still be a part of various team decisions. As long as that’s there I never had any doubt in my decision. This decision of mine led my time to three finals that year and we even won a trophy. After that when I came to the final year, I was again asked to lead the team to which I happily agreed and I’m hoping I can win a cup for my team. Apart from just cricket, I have been part of department dance team which won overall 2nd prize in our college culturals. I never try to run away from fame or leadership which made me stand and run for the student elections for my department. Things went well and I became the Student Chairman of my department and had to take care of department symposium activities. Even though I had various personal problems with few people, I never let any of that get in the way of my work and the symposium ended up in a great success. I can be both a leader and a team player which I think is one of my unique quality.
After finishing my masters, I know I have two options which are to work in a company or do a Ph.D. To be honest, I haven’t thought about what I should be doing then. I have always been this person who lives in the present. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals or ambitions which I do and work on a daily basis. I have always had the desire to learn about security and looking at the number of reported cybercrimes across the world I want to be a part of putting an end to such crimes. I hope I get to learn a lot about cybersecurity and apply what I have learnt and help the public as much as I can.

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