A Desire to Achieve Success in Law

Published: 2021-09-11 18:15:07
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As a child I realized that law plays a major role in all aspects of our life and being a lawyer not alone enabled seeking relief for an individual but also made an impact on the entire society. I was enamored looking at lawyers’ fight for the rights of others. The aforesaid thought induced me to pursue a career in law. What I love the most about the profession is the dynamic and evolving nature which makes each day unique and fosters a wonderful and satisfying experience.
While at college I wanted to make full use of my time and energy in acquiring knowledge and become a well-rounded person, hence I was very active in class and took part in various moot court competitions, seminars and other events; hence I was very active in class and took part in various seminars, and events. I also took part in many moot court competitions including Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition where my team reached the semifinals in the national rounds (in 2012) and was awarded the 2nd best memo (in 2013). Being part of various organizing committees taught me the importance of communicating amicably with team members and dealing with difficult situations. As a student I was very inquisitive to explore various fields of law and felt that practical knowledge and experience is paramount in this noble profession. In my third year at college I got an opportunity to intern at the Chambers of Mr. P. Giridharan who predominantly deals with company cases. This was the first time I got exposed to commercial law and I found it very fascinating. I became very inclined to commercial law that it motivated me to take part in Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. With all the hard work I did, I was selected among few others to represent my college at international rounds in Vienna. During the preparation for the prestigious arbitration moot competition my interest towards commercial law and arbitration further escalated. Having fervent interest in resolving commercial disputes influenced me to join an office which deals with the same. After my graduation, I joined chambers of Mr. P.R. Renganath where my areas of practice commercial law and company law. During the tenure, my scope of work included inter alia research of case laws, drafting petitions and applications and representing clients before the High Court of Madras, National Company law Board and other Tax Tribunals. The nature of my work trained me to deal with clients in a professional manner and enhanced my drafting, research and arguing skills. Currently I am working at Champers of Mr. L.P. Maurya where I deal with different cases including corporate insolvency law, and my experience further kindled my interest in commercial law.
It is pertinent to mention that, in the present scenario, globalization has been increasing at a rapid pace and many firms and corporations are expanding across the globe thereby leading to a great deal of commercial disputes at international level. In today’s competitive world, specialization has become indispensible. I was immensely pleased to know about the LLM program at Queen Mary University of London, offering various specializations including International Business law, Comparative and International Dispute Resolution with few modules on International Commercial Arbitration which is in tune with my career design. I also believe that the critical thinking and Writing course at the University would advance my writing and research skills. The University, known for its internationally recognized staff, it would be a privilege to be taught and guided by them.
Paris is a picturesque city with strong heritage. There being International Chamber of Commerce and various other arbitration centers in Europe, studying in Paris will facilitate access to training programs and other events which will further expand my horizon of knowledge. It will also be an idle platform for me to get to know students from other countries and broaden my exposure.
After the completion of my masters in law I wish to pursue my career specializing in Business and Corporate Law. I believe that education at Queen Mary University of London will empower me with sound knowledge on International Business Law and would be a major step towards achieving my professional goal of becoming a reputed corporate lawyer. I am confident of being able to measure up to the high standards of academic excellence that the university has set, if given an opportunity to do so.

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