Why I Want to Be a Dentist

Published: 2021-09-11 22:30:10
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As a child my biggest dream was to be a dentist. I always liked looking at people’s smiles and think “what a beautiful smile.” I was born in Mexico and lived there eight years of my childhood; I came to the United States in two-thousand and lived here since. Coming to a new country where I had to learn a new language, meet new people and basically start a new life, it was hard to adjust, but I knew it was for a better life, and a better future.
When I first started school everything was really hard. I didn’t speak the language so it was hard to communicate with classmates and teachers. My parents tried their hardest to help me out with homework, but it was hard for them too. I had no one else to help me out, and other family members all I ever heard from them was, “you will never make it through school, in fact you will never graduate” they thought I would quit once I started high school. But that didn’t stop me. In less than a year I was speaking and writing English like if I lived here all my life, so for that I proved my family members wrong. When I was in high school my parents were very proud of me. They were happy to see at least one of their three kids graduate. Even though it was hard for me not having my parent support all the time, because they were always working out in the fields and they came home tired and exhausted. I could understand they couldn’t always help me out but I knew they would always be there. Still other family members never thought I would make it through high school, they always told me that I would end up dropping out on my senior year.
During my sophomore year my, dad had an open heart surgery. He almost didn’t make it. He was so bad the doctor told us that he only had two hours left to live. When I heard that it was like a cold bucket of water thrown in my face. But I knew my dad would make it, he has always been a strong man. While my dad was in the hospital in ICU, I couldn’t completely focus in school my grades dropped and I knew I had to bring them back up. My dad had always been proud of me and I was not going to let him down. After couple of week’s my dad was out of the hospital and back home I was happy to have him back home and healthier than ever.
I worked really hard to keep my grades up so I could be able to graduate with my class and my parents could be proud of me. Graduating on time proved that I didn’t drop out of school like some family members said, so once again I proved them wrong. Unfortunately after I graduated I couldn’t attend college right away. After all those years my biggest dream was to be a dental hygienist and well it will just have to wait because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my tuition.
So I started working in all sort of stuff. My first job was at a daycare which I loved by the way, it was a pretty good job but not my dream job. After a year of working at the daycare I got laid off for not having enough kids. After that once again I had to start looking for a new job. After applying at different places I got nothing. So I decided to go out and work in the fields with my mom, it is a hard job especially in the summer the hot weather is just too much. After the season was over I’ve worked at a receiving area getting all information from the loads of apples being brought in from out in the fields. After that my last job was at a warehouse where I did quality control. My parents were still hoping that I could still go to college because, seasonal jobs wore not the future they wanted for their daughter. My other family members wore still trying to put me down telling me all the time that my future was to have the same future all my family had. I knew I had to prove them wrong once again.
Talking to my dad about what I really wanted in my life and that my dream of becoming a dental hygienist just seem too far out. My dad looked at me and said that he was testing me to see if I would quit at my first obstacle in life, he was proud to see that I didn’t give up and that I would do as much as I could to have a better future. He also told me that because I didn’t quit at first and gave up at all he knew he was making the right decision, I remember his exact words when he said “I don’t care how much the tuition is one way or another we will pull it off, you’re going to college.” That day was the happiest day of my life; I knew I was going to have a better future not just for me for my parents as well. I’m so thankful for having such great parents and for teaching me all the real importance of life. Once again all the things people said about me not ever going back to school or having a career proved them wrong.
In February of 2013 I registered at YVCC took my placement test and in spring quarter I was taking math class. I had to start with only one class but it was a start. Now I’m taking two collage classes, and working my way up toward a better future. My goal of becoming a dental hygienist is a little far out but closer than ever. I’m proving all those people wrong about me not being someone in life. Sure I’m starting with something small as dental assistant, but after I’m done with that it’s not over actually it’s just getting me started. After dental assistant my goal is to become a dental hygienist. I will accomplish that goal just like I have been accomplishing everything else, even when other people have always told me that “I can’t” I will always proved them wrong. I will be the first person in my entire family to have a career and a better future.

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