Why I Want to Develop in the Field of Public Health

Published: 2021-09-14 18:35:11
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I am a young Nigerian Public health graduate, from the federal university of technology, owerri, Nigeria whose unwavering passion is set out to improving health, promoting health, preventing diseases and prolonging lives in my immediate community and the world at large. I am currently achieving these through active participation in voluntary services relating to health and community development respectively. I am currently volunteering with David Omenukor Foundation in Imo State Nigeria, an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization strategically focused on achieving epidemic control of infectious diseases as i await my National Youth Service Corps a compulsory one year post graduate program set up to improve rural communities in Nigeria at the same time foster unity by working cross- culturally. My duties with David Omenukor Foundation cuts across ensuring an excellent delivery of Care, Support and Treatment of identified HIV/AIDS infected patients, interacting with them as well as the Health care providers at the facility during monitoring supported visits so as to emphasize, mentor and close any identified gap on adherence to anti-retroviral, anti-tuberculosis and anti-malaria medications at all health facilities managed by the Organization since it is key to achieving the ultimate viral suppression in patients living with HIV/AIDS, with funding from the US PEPFAR and Global Fund and conduct operational research to ensure health facilities maintain Good Care, Support and Treatment Standard procedures in all community health related activities.
During my undergraduate years, I volunteered for the Global Youth Coalition on AIDS (GYCA) where I learnt basic concepts underlying Prevention, Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS. However, I had little or no personal encounter with people living with HIV/AIDS. My Interest and Zeal for HIV/AIDS Programming spurred up during volunteering period. On this fateful day, I encountered a close relative that had come with her kids to the clinic for Anti-Retroviral Therapy Medications. I realized the need to actively engage in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.Each day of my adult life has been characterized by an innate desire to be a part of the solution to this menace as they were approximately 36.7 million people living with HIV as at the end of 2016 and 1.8million people becoming newly infected globally. I am particularly increasingly aware of my growing sense of compassion and interest in Preventive medicine especially being that the most affected region is Africa with 25.6million People living with HIV as at 2016.
I am certain that Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences seeks out an individual who is goal driven and goal oriented and i am positive i fit into that slot judging from both past and present experience which has prepared and strengthened my determination, resilience and resolve to make significant contribution to my community, I am very much attracted to the idea of Pursuing a Masters in Public Health degree and I am very convinced that your program is the best place for me to achieve my professional goals. I strongly do believe that the knowledge I would gain after my experience with your institution will not be underemphasized. I look forward to building my capacity on development and Implementation of Public Health Policy, Population management, basics of epidemiology, emergency and humanitarian response, global health and many other areas.
I will be glad to be recalled upon to share my other experiences with you as well as journeying with you on the road of my personal development if given this opportunity, which will later lead to a wide range of transformation within me, my immediate environment, community, country and Africa at large.

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