Why Parents Should Teach Their Children Good Eating Habits

Published: 2021-09-06 14:25:13
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Today’s generation has seen more McDonalds’ commercials’ than they’ve seen textbooks in classrooms, consumer’s waistline has been widening in size and so has the food consumption. Parents and schools have been blaming this “epidemic” on the food companies when in all honesty it is due to the lack commitment of the communities, and Parents to our generations carelessness of physical education, also the over exposure to advertisements of junk food, sodas and candy, all of the televised commercials, advertisement billboards, newspaper adds, and in-school advertisements. They should be teaching the kids when enough is enough and not to over indulge. Childhood obesity is a major problem in many states’ not just America, but the main controversy is who to place the blame on, I feel that the answer is more close to home than McDonalds, and it is parents.
Firstly a Parents job is to teach their kid(s) how to take care of themselves, live a healthy life and how to get by. If at home every-day and night with their parents, a kid will have three homemade meals a day; Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That one day without fast food, and only home cooked meals will save “4,000 calories of fast-food or 2 gallons of sugar” (Health Investigator, Supersize Me). Just imagine in a month a child has three home-cooked meals a day, that is a total of 84 meals a month once again, without McDonald’s, soda, or any fast-food, this child would have less than half of the calories, sodium, and fructose corn syrup intake recommended by the government. The government recommended intake of calories per/day for a young adult is two thousand-two hundred, and for adults it’s two thousand to two-thousand-eight hundred at the most, per/day.
Secondly the national average of children with obesity in California is 4,000, which is one thousand-eight hundred calories over the average. Calories are stored up energy from “fatty foods” not just McDonalds, but also fruit juices with preservatives or artificial flavorings, which accumulate sugar, which is another form of fat. This stored up energy forms together to create fat. “You lose 10% of your bodies’ water weight percentage when you become obese and over eat” (Morgan Spurlock). Children become obese at very young ages because, all the sugar and fat that is stored up in their bodies, which can cause diabetes, this condition is common through-out the U.S, it is very rare that you find a food product with-out sugar in It. “too much fat(s) can clog your arteries and make your liver sick”( Doctor, Supersize Me). Out of 100 nutritionists only two of them said that fast food is okay to eat twice a week, twenty-eight said its okay to eat fast food twice a week, but the other seventy said it’s never okay to consume any fast food.
Lastly in a recent research conducted by “the Center for Public Health” that, the poorer the community the more obese consumers are accumulated because, families can’t afford to buy the products for a home cooked meal therefore they go out and find a cheaper and faster way to feed their family and, most likely closer alternative would be McDonald’s, or taco bell. Each state has at least 586 McDonalds’ everywhere. Children aren’t even given a chance to say no because, as soon as they grew teeth they were stuffed with French fries, and chicken nuggets by their parents. Only when they got older did their parents begin to complain about how they didn’t know how their child’s weight increased so rapidly.
In conclusion if their parents, had taught them the right habits, and schools didn’t advertise too much of the wrong things, and they weren’t set up for failure almost since birth, we wouldn’t have todays overweight children, but the blame isn’t to be placed on just one factor but, all take a little part in today’s portly generation. If the parents and authority figures cared more about fitness then appearances and making money, more young adults would too, we follow by example. If we had more books in our faces than food advertisements’, things would be a little different.

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