Why Plastic Water Bottles Should Be Banned for The BetTer Development of Human Being

Published: 2021-09-22 01:40:09
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Water is a staple need or precious gift for human being on earth by God. That is a second important need for human being after oxygen .There are around 71% of water on earth and out of only 2.5% water is a fresh and remaining salty . People can’t live without water due to they have a need to consume an average drinking of water for individual people is about three liters. which is mandatory for the better cirrculation of body. Just only for this purpose, civics are likely to carry water in their hands as a plastic bottles (portable). But these kind of plastic bottles are putting a negative impact on human being in different ways like as by creating Heath issue , Environmental issue , as well as a issues in society. That’s reasons plastic water bottles should be banned for the better development of human being.
There is a one of the main reason is that Health regarding problems. Some people think that plastic bottle water is too much hygienic, when it will be compared with tap water. But, its wrong by the research of ( BARC 2016 ), because plastic bottle water is putting a bad impact on human body by the mixing of plastic or led in water which cause cancer. Moreover if water is highly retaining in bottles, then the amount of chlorate and chlorite is increased which will act as a poison by damaging the immunes system. Furthermore, according to the international organization WORLD HELTH ORGANISATION (WHO), by chance the value of bromate (chemical)is more than four milligrams in one litter then people will have to face lot of problems in upcoming time as a hair fall and joint pain. Which is commonly found in all person. However, these three chemicals are come from reverse osmosis permeated water process and which are not fond in tap water. Moving further, there has been other issue that arises from plastic bottles is that Environmental issue, according to the study of ( Anthony L Andrody, ed 2003 ), BARC (2016), told that burning of plastic in open area will lead to air pollution as well as land pollution. Because harmful gases toxic gaseous, nitrogen sulfur dioxide and many more gases. Which cause many irritations to human being like asthma, acute respiratory and many health problems. Apart from this, plastic is non-decomposable due to containing of polymer that will takes seven hundred of years for the decompose. Another factor is that, for the purification of one-gallon water from four gallon which is a too much wastage of water and study represent that in one second about 1500 bottles are going to garbage bin. That is too much wastage and impact on environment.
Finally, final facts that we will discus in this paragraph is about Society, the plastic bottles are very costly due to in the production of it approximately 90% cost of only of packing and rest for water. For example, in India normally government charge 0.66 pasie (cent) for a one litter but bottled water in market has been 3000 time costly as compared to taped water. That is not nutritious or unhygienic. After measuring these all these concepts, in some cities of countries like, India, Australia, and America plastic bottle water were banned these data is represent by the ( BARC 2016 ). The environmental group was tottaly shocked to find some harmful components that are found in water like fertilizer residue ammonia , caffeine and heavy metal for that’s reasons plastic bottes should be banned this from ( UK essay 2013 ).Because healthy mind lives in healthy mind.
To put in to a nutshell, health is wealth that’s why government should have to take some steps to create the awareness among public about the demerits of plastic bottles .which will helpful to preserve the human life. which will lead to the benefits of all and by setting seminars and creating non-profit organization. And WATER stand for W for water produce lymph fluid which helpful for the transportation of white fluid. A for aids digestion of food helps to maintain immunes system .T for toxin get flushed out from body. E for eyes and mouth are kept clean and moist and R for regular hydration during the day will help keep your skin looking fresher and youth.

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