Women's Rights in the World

Published: 2021-09-29 13:50:07
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From the era of 1800’s, women created a powerful role in the molding of this world and till this day, they have been pushed to the side and made less. They were forced to only watch this country progress while they were being rejected the opportunity to help, and yet they have demanded equal rights as the nation develops. Through the years the common belief has been that women could not perform as well as men in anything, but over the years that belief has been proven wrong time and time again. Woman had to make a reputation of their own if they wanted to succeed and beat the stereotype categories they were put in. in the 1800’s women were only looked as home-takers, stay at home wife’s, they were looked down by the opposite sex. Males didn’t think any female was capable of doing their job until 1848. The woman’s suffrage movement began and it helped woman grow as who they were individually. Catharine Beecher was a firm believer of gender equality.
Catharine Beecher was a 19th century educator and writer who wanted equal access to education for women to progress. She wanted their roles as teachers and mothers to be advocated for. Catharine Beecher argued that women were suited to the ethical and academic development of children, either as mothers or as educators both roles were major effects on children. In her efforts to expand educational opportunities for women, Catharine Beecher worked to improve a system in which teachers often possessed insufficient knowledge of academic material, girls pursued mostly “ornamental” activities (Sarah J. Hale, 2005). She also advocated the feminization of the teaching profession, claiming that women’s nurturing, moral dispositions made them natural educators, thus opening up a decently paying, socially respectable career to women who needed to work if they chose to. Till this day many women are still struggling to work jobs that were designed for men “only”. Can women actually overcome the physical barrier of gender equality? According to the statistics of Department of Labor of the United States, 58.6 percent or 72 million were woman age 16 years and over labor force contributors. Women are expected to account for 51 percent of the increase in total labor force growth between 2008 and 2018″ (U.S. Department of Labor, 2018). These numbers will clearly demonstrate to any skeptic that women are leaving behind their old dependence on men and becoming more autonomous and self-determined to succeed. Now, as a result, of the statistics that show that females are overcoming males in the workplace. The gender segregation has created some kind of revelry between the two sexes to demonstrate who is better at a job that the opposite gender.

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