X-axis Health Care Facility

Published: 2021-09-12 17:05:08
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Business impact analysis is the process that is used to determine the potential effect that will interrupt a business, maybe because of natural calamities, power failure or any other related reasons. In this case study, the business impact analysis will major on inaccessible of the database for six hours in X-Axis hospital. The hospital, X-Axis will have health-death related impacts due to the loss and inaccessibility of the database. There are people on medication who have been recorded in the database and therefore those on regular drugs and doze may not be identified in the time leading to their life collapse for those on survival machines and yet this is so because they cannot be tracked due to the inaccessible database. It will be also difficult to continue treating the patients without their recorded data and this will result in deaths.
Determine what type of risk-based impacts X Axis would encounter in such a situation.If the database will be inaccessible for six hours, in which maximum acceptable outage will not allow, X-Axis private hospital will be at risk of losing its patients. This is because the data recorded will be not be accessed and those on regular drugs will not be identified resulting in their death. There will be also customer dissatisfaction since the facility will not be able to deliver as it was used before because it lacks the database. There will be also increased expenses due to new methods that will be employed to treat the patients. Delay of the new business plan will also be another risk that the X-Axis will face because of the inaccessible database for six hours.
What are the potential business impacts in the emergency room (ER)?
In the emergency room, profits will not be generated following the loss and inaccessibility of the database. This is so as the records of payment will not be accessed hence the costs and payment made may not be accessed leading to a lot of loss in the ER room. The room will also be overcrowded due to the passing of the patients to the back at a slow pace because they will be required to record their information manually because the facility will not be able to locate their information on the database
What are the potential business impacts in the doctor offices?
Doctor’s office will face a massive impact if the data are not accessible for certain hours. Doctor’s office act as a frenzied place with every medical person endeavouring to recover data to understand the medical conditions. Unavailability of data’s regarding the employees, Medicaid, Medicare, will make it difficult in taking a decision regarding the payer. Some other data’s which will make potential business impacts are drug information, patient deductible, formulator information and medicine supplier information. (Farmer, 2005).
In the doctors’ offices, the business challenge is that income will not be generated due to the failure of the system as patients are recorded in the database when they make payments and now due to the failure of the database, no more registration hence no income. The offices will be also congested having patients scattered around while trying to get information by word of mouth and trying to understand what medical condition the patient has and the medication they are on.
What are the potential business impacts in other hospital locations such as patient rooms, or surgical wards?
In such condition the unavailability of patient information is not even present in the documents, therefore patients in the patient rooms or surgical wards will not get proper treatment from the hospital management. On the off chance that in the situation, patients may be suggested wrong medicines and there will be a delay in providing medicine. In some cases, it will lead to death, therefore, it is important to make the database assessable in the two-way process. The patients won’t prefer such type of hospitals and it will be a huge backdrop for any organization. In the outside hospitals and surgical rooms, a lot of profits will be scored following the reason that majority of the patients may be taken there for further treatment hence the hospitals outside will make a lot of profits due to the large numbers of the patients who will be flowing in.
Identify any other issues that might be impacted by the loss of the most prominent database?
The other issue that may be impacted by the loss of the database apart from deaths and business impacts is that the customer relations will be lost as the hospital will lose most of her patients who come in regularly as their customers. Losing the database means losing contacts with the customers of the hospital. More issues may be on legal matters whereby the hospital may be held responsible in case there is any case of deaths following the loss of the database, hence the hospital may suffer another legal blow. (Lerner, & Lerner, 2004).
There will be also unavailable of biological data such as physical exam, reaction, drug limit and tablets. In order to provide medicines, they need to check huge printed materials to record administrations performed by restorative experts including dates, times, medicinal staff allotted, discharge reports, etc. Up to this point, the majority of this information was not printed.
This will lead to mistake, exclusion, and misfortune. There will be huge human errors for six hours. The absence of significant information made clinicians and doctor’s facility staff settle on uneducated choices. Moreover, they can’t have the capacity to screen and research clinical information which enables offices to comprehend where programs are working and where they require change. Finally, the entry process of the X-Axis will be affected.

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